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  1. Onuzim Ima

    Which two Senshi switching body would be the Funniest?

    :chibiusa:/:chibichibi: with :haruka: would be interesting! The latter would lash out about how she's supposed to fight in this tiny body... Indeed. I'd like to know how they'd handle each others opposing Elements. :-)
  2. Onuzim Ima

    Do you think villains got redeemed too much sometimes?

    @SpicyNoodle Personally, I also believe that Mimete was never 'actually' killed but rather 'digitized' (not unlike Flynn in 'TRON' or Jobe in 'Lawnmower Man') and is spooking around the Internet until this very day, kinda like some sort of virus. :keke: As again with Mimi, who had more than...
  3. Onuzim Ima

    Season 4 movies update: Sailor Moon Eternal - Coming in 2020

    Leaked/official promotional Poster:
  4. Onuzim Ima

    Ami-Chan Fan Club!

    @Watashi Sailor Moon Chan :ami: Welcome ♥♥♥♥ Sit down and have some :cookie::cookie::cookie::cookie:!
  5. Onuzim Ima

    Saddest Moments for you in the 90s Anime

    What are they saying anyway: Something along the lines of 'Farewell and thanks for all the fish watching all these years'? To add 'Insult to Injury', they even put a ♥ at the bottom of the screen... *sigh* Basically every time when an instrumental version of 'Heart Moving' can be heard playing...
  6. Onuzim Ima

    Have been on this forum for almost a Decade now. Only 2 more months and 8 days and counting… P...

    Have been on this forum for almost a Decade now. Only 2 more months and 8 days and counting… P. S.: @Rika-Chicchi Thx :-)
  7. Onuzim Ima

    My Fanfic of MichiruX Demande(Finished)

    @Slowpokeking I'll give it a try later on, I'm quite busy right now.
  8. Onuzim Ima

    @JMac52 *crosses fingers*

    @JMac52 *crosses fingers*
  9. Onuzim Ima

    Sailormoon References/Cameos/etc.

    Has anybody seen Dragonball Super? These strange 'Fighters for Love' from the other Universe who participated in the Tournament and can transform into Alter Egos?
  10. Onuzim Ima

    Is Ami really that smart?

    @PinkSugarSenshi How dare you questioning that? Douse your head in cold water and repent! :)
  11. Onuzim Ima

    Your Discarded Fanfic Ideas

    @SailorSpySedna Nice Raccoon (Or is it a Tanuki?) Mercury. :ami:
  12. Onuzim Ima

    I don't have Internet Access at home yet.

    I don't have Internet Access at home yet.
  13. Onuzim Ima

    Due to the Coronavirus, I can't go to work and atm also not post regularily. :'-(

    Due to the Coronavirus, I can't go to work and atm also not post regularily. :'-(
  14. Onuzim Ima

    Creating Your Own Filler Arc for R

    If it wasn't for the start, I'd say I'd have liked to see :ami: actually reside in Germany for a few Episodes, showing her doing her studies and having to fight her own set of local villains, proving to herself and the world that, after all, she's able to handle herself very well! :-)
  15. Onuzim Ima

    What have you learned from Sailor Moon?

    Before Sailormoon, I didn't know that there are countries where it's actually legal to publicly display the results of School Exams and shame pupils in the Aftermath and for mothers to throw their kids out of the house if the latter's grades don't meet their exorbitant expectations! :|
  16. Onuzim Ima

    When was the last time you watched Crystal?

    Last Saturday, when Season 3 ended on TV. :)
  17. Onuzim Ima

    Your Discarded Fanfic Ideas

    @SILVER The Terror! :mrgreen: Peter Griffin and Sailor Moon by Fighter4luv on DeviantArt
  18. Onuzim Ima

    Sailor Moon Backwards is Noom Rolias

    That all said, in which order would you introduce the other Senshi, Yrucrem Rolias, Sram Rolias, Repituj Rolias, Sunev Rolias etc.? And don't forget about Ksam (Nemak) Odexut! :)
  19. Onuzim Ima

    I definitely much more prefer 90s Usagi!

    :rei: *Groans* Geez… Quick, we need a mop over here! :ami: Rei, please! :usagi: Ami-chan! ♥♥♥♥ You're the best! ♥♥♥♥ :ami: *Raises pointer finger* After all, that saves the Cleaners the water for today... :rei: *Snickers* :usagi: *Feels like a big boulder dropped on her*
  20. Onuzim Ima

    Favorite Art Style

    :eek: Holy Cow, Mara... This is scary! *Tries not to blink* (I've "reblogged" the GIF somewhere else, I hope you're okay with that :cool:) I know I've already posted this elsewhere, but there you go: @SILVER I don't...