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  1. ShineAquaIllusion

    Season 4 movies update: Sailor Moon Eternal - Coming in 2020

    Wow, this looks great! So excited for it! This sounds a lot like Tomb Raider fans regarding the Tomb Raider reboot lol. "They're killing the franchise!" You make good points and your criticism is definitely valid, but I have a counterpoint... I don't think you can really say they're killing...
  2. ShineAquaIllusion

    Rank every version of the Dark Kingdom arc

    1. PGSM - Easy win. The interactions are great and it's one of the few adaptations (Barring musicals, which I still haven't seen) that fleshes out the Four Kings and Sailor Guardians together so well. 2. Manga - It's a unique spin on a classic Romeo and Juliet-style tale. While I like some of...
  3. ShineAquaIllusion

    DIES GAUDII (archive)

    Thank you for the clarification, Xadium :)
  4. ShineAquaIllusion

    Sailor Moon Logos

    Has this one been shown yet? It's from the official French translation of the SNES beat-'em-up
  5. ShineAquaIllusion

    [US] Sailor Moon S Viz Media Dub/Blu-Ray

    That's not what I remember reading. I heard that the cast had to follow the rhythmo band and didn't see any of the onscreen action. But I'll take your word for it--you're the guy who went to cons dressed as Kunzite and interviewed the old cast, right? :D You're the expert in this field. Plus...
  6. ShineAquaIllusion

    [US] Sailor Moon S Viz Media Dub/Blu-Ray

    It's the result of changing Crisis Make-up to Moon Crisis Power. To match the first two lip flaps, Linda would've had to say: "Moon Cryyyy... sis, Power!" If you notice, at first, Kotono was calling her phrase in her normal way: "Crisis, Make-Up!" As she gets more desperate, she begins to say...
  7. ShineAquaIllusion

    [US] Sailor Moon S Viz Media Dub/Blu-Ray

    Oh lord. I'll have to do a full comparison of the episode whenever I can get the S Blu-rays, but here's my comment on the comparison of Darkness, My Old Friend vs. The Shining Shooting Star: Saturn and the Messiah's Saturn death scene. For those of you who don't know me well, this is the single...
  8. ShineAquaIllusion

    [US] Sailor Moon S Viz Media Dub/Blu-Ray

    Looks like I just missed it. It was taken down not by Viz, but by... "Remove Your Media, LLC". Uh-huh...
  9. ShineAquaIllusion

    Theories as to when we can expect a Crystal announcement?

    My speculation: Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal Season IV. :p
  10. ShineAquaIllusion

    One-off characters you wish became regular?

    Rui from the Tennis episode would've been great to see more of. She was supposedly so important to Naru, yet we saw her a grand total of once in the series.
  11. ShineAquaIllusion

    Act.35 - Official Discussion Thread

    So, it looks like Sailor Saturn isn't going to emerge immediately next episode. Instead, it looks like Hotaru is going to burst from Mistress 9's body... Prayer circle for a Saturn transformation, anyone?
  12. ShineAquaIllusion

    Weird changes and censorship the old dub made

    You're right as usual Sabrblade! From what I remember hearing, Mary Long Crawley actually is the one who came up with the idea to give Molly her accent to make her stand out from other characters more.
  13. ShineAquaIllusion

    Act.34 - Official Discussion Thread

    Honestly, yeah. :sick: Mixing up a bigger bow, sure, blonde hair, bad but fine, I can deal. But it was super awkward to see Prince Endymion kissing Neo Queen Serenity, who you can blatantly tell is her because of the crown in the new ending.
  14. ShineAquaIllusion

    Cloverway vs. Viz [S & SuperS]

    I'm overall feeling positive. I echo MementoNepenthe's sentiments of wishing Haruka was a bit deeper, but wow, I forgot how cheesy Cwi's dub was. They totally trashed the seriousness of the scene. Excited for Viz's dub.
  15. ShineAquaIllusion

    Act.32 - Official Discussion Thread

    Yeah, I'm honestly super disappointed. Are we going to have to wait until Dream to see transformations for both Saturn and Pluto? That's so awful! :(
  16. ShineAquaIllusion

    Fisheye effeminate gay male or trans female?

    This is just my opinion... In the original Japanese version 90's anime and presumably Viz's redub, Fisheye is a cisgender homosexual male who likes dressing as a woman a lot of the time. In the uncut DVD release of Cloverway's dub of the 90's anime, Fisheye is a transgender heterosexual female...
  17. ShineAquaIllusion

    In Defense of Cloverway

    Speaking of making comparisons, I'm going to beeline for episode 125 as soon as it's available. There will be tears. I'm more confident now that Stephanie Sheh will be able to kill it there, but Linda was just perfect there.
  18. ShineAquaIllusion

    Dub vs Sub

    So far, Sailor Moon Crystal's dub is just so flippin' superior to the original. Viz really outdid themselves and should be commended. It's like a much more intelligent show now.
  19. ShineAquaIllusion

    In Defense of Cloverway

    They did not directly mail death threats, but for the sake of "humor" they said they wanted to cause physical harm to people who worked at Cwi on the comparisons. Let me get a couple before I go to bed. Edit - 1. ... sodeid=134 "After Lita says they can...