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    New Season, New Sailors?

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    Your favorite Sailor Mars attack

    Mainly these example('s): , ...&...
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    Favorite Obscure Characters

    Motoki Furuhata & Fiore, (although not sure if the last example counts)!! :love: :cookie:
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    Unused Concepts You Wish Were Used

    Since Diana the Moon Fairy was mentioned, well, I wanted to link to a an earlier thread that I had done on that unused character for the Sailor Moon Manga, on these forums: Diana the Moon Fairy!! I would like to see her have some role as well!! ;) :love: :cookie: EDIT: Forgot to mention...
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    Diana the Moon Fairy!!

    @Neon Genesis: I personally believe that pretty-much *ALL* so-called "merely made-up" worlds/universes/timelines/realms/realities/dimensions *ACTUALLY DO EXIST*, somewhere out there in the Superuniverse/Multiverse/Matrix: To illustrate my viewpoints, here are the following posts by myself...
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    Diana the Moon Fairy!!

    :happy: :wink: EDIT: *MAJOR NECRO-BUMP!!* I just noticed that the URL to the information about the Welsh/Irish Fairy/Faery/Faerie, (the latter 2 being alternative spelling('s), of Fairy/Plural, Fairies) Goddess, Don/Danu seems to be now a DEAD LINK, & seeing as I am no-longer able to edit...
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    How hi-tech the Silver Millenium was? ... ?src=t_any My personal belief is that not *JUST* humans have the potential to have technology/spirituality/magic(k), but ALL ENTITIES, (protists/plants/micro-organisms/fungi, etc), have the potential to be Technologically/Spiritually/Magic(k)ally...
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    Things You Liked Better In The 90s Anime

    Although I generally prefer the Manga/Crystal, & there were/might be more elements from Sailor Moon Crystal that I like EVEN BETTER THAN IN THE MANGA, ...such as: & as for the elements of Sailor Moon Classic that I prefer, well: , , SOURCES FOR THE ABOVE QUOTES...
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    What would you say to Crystal or classic series on Toonami?

    BRING IT ON!! :usagi: :setsuna: :rei: :mihiru: :minako: :mako: :hotaru: :haruka: :chibiusa: :chibichibi: :ami: :luna: :diana: :artemis: :love: :cookie: :toast: :booze:
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    Sailor Moon-just for girls?

    Odd: When I searched for posts I had made previously on these forums this was 1 of the threads that popped up, ...HOWEVER... I don't see any posts by myself in this thread?! :shocked: :eeklez: Anyways, I'm a LGBT male, & I :love: the various incarnations of Sailor Moon, always have, always...
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    Sailor Moon Crystal - New Season Confirmed

    AWESOME NEWS!! :usagi: :setsuna: :rei: :minako: :mihiru: :mako: :hotaru: :haruka: :chibiusa: :chibichibi: :luna: :diana: :artemis: :toast: :smug: :love: :cookie: :booze:
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    Happy 50th Birthday To Naoko Takeuchi!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, NAOKO-SAMA!! ;) :toast: :love: :cookie: :usagi: :setsuna: :rei: :minako: :mihiru: :mako: :luna: :hotaru: :haruka: :diana: :chibiusa: :chibichibi: :artemis: :ami:
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    Has Crystal disappointed any of you?

    I too would have LOVED, to see some filler, such as trying to fit 1 of my favorite villainesses from the 90's Anime Series, (who unfortunately isn't around in the Manga/Crystal, although I think she could potentially fit in somehow into a later arc, or @least a video game that combines aspects...
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    90s Shitennou vs Crystal Shitennou Which Do You Prefer?

    Mostly Crystal's, although I liked Zoisite X "Malachite"/Kunzite, (as well as some of the anime-exclusive Monsters-Of-The-Day), but overall, CRYSTAL'S SHITENNOU FTW!! EDIT: In fact in many ways, I actually PREFER some of the deviations that Crystal made to the manga, including
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    Kousagi is now officially part of the solar system

    My Mistake!! ;) For some reason I was thinking you were a moderator!! EDIT: ...Also cannot view the video on my Nintendo 3DS... :-( :( EDIT: Well, now it IS showing up on my Wii U!! :) :toast: :love: Although the page doesn't seem to be loadable on my 3DS, (too big of a page)!!
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    Things you're excited to see from Dream

    Sailor/Asteroid/Amazoness Quartet, Sailor Power Guardians, Zirconia, Queen Nehellenia, Outer Senshi, Lemures, Pegasus/Helios, Elysion, Maneads, Golden Crystal, etc.!!
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    Interesting facts about the Hebrew dub of SM (Israel) 2011 ... -same-time & BTW, I am partially of Jewish/Hebrew heritage, although I've always been an Eclectic Pagan, in belief-systems/attitude, & while that might sound like an oxymoron, it is actually NOT: , ...&... Source URL's for the above quotes...
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    What About Princess Kaguya?

    Sure hope we get it adapted eventually, as well as all of the other side-stories, as well as Codename Sailor V!!
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    Kousagi is now officially part of the solar system

    ...Odd, Sabrblade's edit DID NOT show up on my Wii U, (ANYWHERE), although it WAS showing up on said member's post when viewed on my Samsung Galaxy Android Tablet, (although still not in my original post, while using the Chrome Browser, although the regular internet browser works fine)?!... ...
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    Kousagi is now officially part of the solar system

    EDIT: ...For some reason I'm having difficulty actually viewing the YouTube Video, as of now... :twistedevil::supercry: :sad::evil: :cry: Anyone else not seeing it?! DOUBLE-EDIT: Never mind: FIXED!! :) :happy: 8) :D TRIPLE-EDIT: ...Still won't show up on my Wii U, however...