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  1. Guardian Princess Nadia

    Did Usagi Commit Murder-Suicide?

    I wouldn't go that far, and she actually is a good (although not great) artist as her covers and standalone art pieces show. Even the panels themselves aren't poorly drawn, but inconsistent in terms of content. Takeuchi is just not a good sequential storyteller, which is a completely different...
  2. Guardian Princess Nadia

    Did Usagi Commit Murder-Suicide?

    I'm cutting the post because I just waned to address this part and Takeuchi's shortcomings as a sequential storyteller are evident through this breakdown. Sailor Zombies definitely has a nice ring to it. You're right in the Mamoru is literally a dead man no matter how you spin it. Given that...
  3. Guardian Princess Nadia

    Sailor Moon manga art - similar style?

    From the images I've seen, Narita's faces look like a fusion of Naoko Takeuchi and Yoshitka Amano, but with her own unique fashion sense. Not an exact match, but there's a certain weight and delicateness the characters have that reminds me of Naoko. Agreed here. While the character design...
  4. Guardian Princess Nadia

    Despite being the dominant Shojo anime in comparable status of DBZ for Shonen esp internationally, Manga's Sales Does not match the Franchises's Rep

    Aside from the obvious point that the anime is more popular, there's also the elephant in the corner that no one wants to address - that the original manga is a mediocre manga. It's not terrible or awful, but it is mediocre as a whole. The art in the manga is good, no question, but if you have...
  5. Guardian Princess Nadia

    The Kodansha TV Picture Books

    There are a couple of things about this latest page that caught my attention. It's remarkable felt they need to make sure Mercury and Mars were present for this battle. I guess this is to not confuse kids as to why Sailor Moon was alone when she had already encountered her friends. It would...
  6. Guardian Princess Nadia

    The Canadian dub's 25th anniversary thread

    I guess at this point, I can't muster up the energy to care. The official license holders have let the show go to rot, and while it's good that there's finally some respect for the dub as a work in of itself, there is absolutely no hope. This support was needed years ago, not now. Trying to...
  7. Guardian Princess Nadia

    Is the Silver Crystal the Philosophers' Stone?

    Harry Potter and the Silver Crystal. :D In all seriousness, I never read too deeply into the lore of the Philosopher's Stone, so I didn't see the parallels. I never looked at the SIlver Crystal as anything but an artifact of power, but this theory does make sense.
  8. Guardian Princess Nadia

    Sailor Moon Ships

    To be fair, I'm probably the only fan who ever preferred Usagi/Ail to the canon couples.
  9. Guardian Princess Nadia

    The right man for Chibiusa: Helios or Perle?

    Even though Helios x Chibi-Usa is canon, my vote is for neither of them. Helios is a nice enough guy, but I just don't think the two are right for each other, and Perle isn't any better. No, I don't like Hotaru as a love interest, either. The following poster said it best.
  10. Guardian Princess Nadia

    Which items would Usagi keep when she transforms?

    I guess I'm the weird person who thought that once the girls got pregnant, they would lose their powers. This wouldn't be due to pregnancy being incompatible with transformations (although one can imagine that a transformation would have devastating effects on a fetus) but due to the fact that...
  11. Guardian Princess Nadia

    Surprise abilities

    I always took that a sign of Ami's intelligence and pattern recognition. I'm terrible at fighting games, but I have been up against countless people pick up a fighting game, never playing it before, and totally beating me. No, I didn't let them win. They figured out the buttons and started...
  12. Guardian Princess Nadia

    Sailor Moon Ships

    That was short, but funny. Of course, for those of us who have less conventional ships, it's easy to laugh at everyone else from my soapbox.
  13. Guardian Princess Nadia

    Need Help Finding Fan Art

    I don't remember this, and I hate to say this, but it its likely you will never find the art. I have seen my fair share of art over the years that simply disappeared, and I'm convinced I may have the only copies of some really old art on my hard drives. This work didn't disappear because it...
  14. Guardian Princess Nadia

    The Sailor Moon Potpourri Thread

    They were called that, but then that earned them the derogatory nickname "Moonies" and they quickly abandoned it, leaving it float beyond the Fourth Wall of the Universe for us fans to reclaim. They wisely chose the sun as their next inspiration to avoid further ridicule.
  15. Guardian Princess Nadia

    Do you think villains got redeemed too much sometimes?

    You're right about Eudial. I do remember now what implied in a roundabout way that the Witches 5 don't have heart crystals. When Tellu injected the plant to make a Hyper Tellun, it was to devour anyone with a heart crystal. It only started to attack her when the heart crystals she carried...
  16. Guardian Princess Nadia

    Do you think villains got redeemed too much sometimes?

    Regarding the idea of redeeming the Death Busters members in the anime, wasn't it implied that the members of the Witches 5 lack heart crystals? Not only do all of them have the pupil-less eyes of those whose heart crystals have been taken, but when Eudial rigged the room to shoot at Neptune...
  17. Guardian Princess Nadia

    Who's that Pokemon?

    True, but you can't help but wonder what Sailor Moon would have been like had these demonic elements actually been more explicit and present in the series instead of being imagery. As much as I love the Classic episode where Sailor Moon and the others were sent back to the Silver Millennium, I...
  18. Guardian Princess Nadia

    I Am Disgusted.

    Okay, so basically the discussion is whether or not lewd redraws are acceptable or not. First of all, I looked at about a minute of that video and I was done. It was done by another person who wants attention on YouTube for airing an opinion. I don't subscribe to people who want attention on...
  19. Guardian Princess Nadia

    I Am Disgusted.

    I, too, am completely confused as to what people are complaining about. Is the OP and everyone else agreeing with the video? Disagreeing with the video? I guess I'm in the minority because everyone else in this thread figured it out but me.
  20. Guardian Princess Nadia

    What is with a lot of the cast looking much older than the ages they are stated?

    I actually didn't address the original question in my post, but I meant to, so here does nothing. There are several factors at play that have already been mentioned, so I'll mention two more: Art imitates life. Have you seen most teenagers? While most 14 year-olds look younger than adults...