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  1. spirithime

    Sailor Moon Doujinshi Site Is Up!!!! - imp update!

    Do you mean the scans themselves, or the layout? I think the loading time is good. I have a very slow connection, but it loads quick for me. Besides, people expect an image gallery to be image-heavy.
  2. spirithime

    Sailor Moon Doujinshi Site Is Up!!!! - imp update!

    I have to commend you on your taste in doujinshi. I once tried to buy a copy of After Noon Tea by Kiddyland and lost the bid. I have Earth Wind 2, and it's definitely one of the most gorgeous doujinshi I've seen (and Madoka Ohmori worked with Naoko, didn't she, which is why her art's so...
  3. spirithime

    Luna bagged Mamoru

    I basically agree with Kyleen and Jadeite. Anime Mamoru is a dick, and really quite a cardboard figure next to manga Mamoru, but his occasional idiocy about personal relationships and total asshattery 85% of the time are what make him a much more flawed and therefore, more interesting character...
  4. spirithime

    Sailor Moon Going to the World Cosplay Summit!!!

    That Galaxia is freaky as heck. Sailor Moon probably looked better before her odango got all lopsided. Good on them for doing so well. And I just realized that Sailor Moon's wand is extendable. I think she wins in the "best accessories" department for that alone.
  5. spirithime

    Sailor Moon doujinshi help!

    Go to eBay and type in "sailor moon doujinshi." Depending on who's running auctions that day, you're likely to get pages of results. When I was collecting doujinshi, there were two primary sellers on eBay who would each put up a large number of auctions all at once, so sometimes there would be...
  6. spirithime

    If I produced Sailor Moon myself...

    SuperS was entertaining, though, even though it suffered from a complete lack of plot or depth. As much as I long to see an animated version of the actual Dream arc, I must admit to laughing my head off at almost every episode in that season.
  7. spirithime

    Gespieglte Marchen: A Sailor Moon-based RPG

    I'm assuming that this would be along the lines of website ads, so hopefully this is an appropriate place for it. Gespieglte Marchen is a message board RPG based on the concept of sailor senshi set within the fairy tale world of the 9 Kingdoms. For example, Sailor Mars is loosely based on...
  8. spirithime

    If I produced Sailor Moon myself...

    Apart from the obvious logistical issue that she has NO control over what happens in North American markets, I think Naoko has every right to feel dislike for adaptations of her own work that deviate from her vision. Sailor Stars wasn't just a simplification of what Naoko created; it has almost...
  9. spirithime

    The touched up manga.......and the possibility of its return

    The manga isn't dated the way that the anime is, so I'm sure it would be pretty reasonable to bring it over again if Kodansha ever let it happen. And with the rising popularity of manga, there's probably a whole new set of kids who would be happy to buy it. If they did bring the manga over...
  10. spirithime

    If I produced Sailor Moon myself...

    Just to clarify, as Rosen said, feminism is not misandry. It's an ideology of equality. Most feminists are concerned with all forms of social equality (gender, racial, class, sexual orientation), since such issues are what feminism arose out of (the first feminists met through their fights...
  11. spirithime

    If I produced Sailor Moon myself...

    Guess we'd better shelve all that girl powaa stuff, then. It's a good thing Usagi plans to retire her Ginzuishou to the more noble task of running the iron with which she will iron Mamoru's shirts every morning. While Luna fetches his slippers, because gosh, she's a dog now, SHE CAN DO THAT...
  12. spirithime

    Post cool fanart other than your own

    The Disney senshi amuse me, especially since I'm in an RPG which bases senshi on fairy tales. Though, we have a Prince Charming instead of a Snow White.
  13. spirithime

    Moonlight Soldiers (Sailor Moon Website)

    I got all confused and thought you were talking about SMU. XD Looks like it'll be a good resource when it's done, though.
  14. spirithime

    Unofficial Sailor Moon 15th Anniversary logo

    Nice, I like how "official" it looks. Your edits are pretty seamless with the original images.
  15. spirithime

    Post cool fanart other than your own

    Whoa, that one's gorgeous. I love the interpretation of the henshin sequences with all its delicious sparkles, but Mamoru really steals the spotlight. He looks slightly creepy, but in a very sexy way. His eye just looks like it's in shadow because it's only half-open. Makes him look more...
  16. spirithime

    Sexiest Senshi of the Sailor Team

    They're all pretty in their own way, I think Mars is the only one who has the attitude to backup her sexiness. She's mature and confident, not to mention fiesty. Venus may be the icon of love and beauty, but I could see her giggling at the most inopportune moments.
  17. spirithime

    The Underappreciated Sera Myu~

    Well, it would have been nice to actually, you know, know about it if it was going up for discussion somewhere else.
  18. spirithime

    The Underappreciated Sera Myu~

    Heh, thanks. I uh, had no idea that my review was reposted here, but I'm glad it wasn't too horrid, given my limited Japanese and lack of Seramyu knowledge (I've only seen maybe five shows altogether). I do realize that KoK isn't a really a revision of SRD, which is why I explained the...
  19. spirithime

    Sailor Senshi's colors

    Her costumes aren't just okay; they're awesome. She is an extremely talented seamstress, and even her Seramyu fuku look almost exactly like the real thing (and are also very well-made; if you have ever seen one in real life, you would notice how professionally done they are). Yes, some of her...