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  1. NeoPrincessBriarRose25

    Which Female Villain is the prettiest?

    Ahh, yes! Dark Mercury is really really awesome! And since Ami Mizuno was really prettiest senshi in the anime (not as Hotaru and Michiru), her dark form is really cool. I also think Koan was really beautiful. I mean, her purple and violet makeup and color really is cool.
  2. NeoPrincessBriarRose25

    Which Female Villain is the prettiest?

    I also think Sailor Mnemosyne is really beautiful, too!! Also, her expression and pure nature reminds me of Mirror Card from Cardcaptor Sakura, which makes her even beautiful. If she was at 90's anime, she would have been really really beautiful (I don't know about her sister, Lethe though...
  3. NeoPrincessBriarRose25

    Favorite Art Style

    Well, Ikuko Itoh-sensei's art is such a masterpiece, I mean, check it out.
  4. NeoPrincessBriarRose25

    Which Female Villain is the prettiest?

    I decided to bring every Sailor Moon Villains, who were very popular in nowadays. Black Lady (R), Mistress 9 (S), Princess Nehelenia (SuperS), Sailor Galaxia (Stars), and Fish Eye (SuperS). If there's other villain you consider more prettier, please write the comments please XD So, do you love...
  5. NeoPrincessBriarRose25

    Black Lady or Mistress 9

    I also cried when Pluto died and Black Lady cries ):
  6. NeoPrincessBriarRose25

    Are the girls connsidered pretty in their universe?

    I remember Ami, Michiru, Hotaru, and Usagi was considered pretty in their universe. Ami - Even in Sailor Moon Another Story game, the Doctor fall in love with her. Even Tiger's Eye says that she is cute. (He called rest if all Sailor Senshi ugly XD) Michiru - In the episode when Inner senshi...
  7. NeoPrincessBriarRose25

    Favorite Sailor Moon song?

    La soldier is also my favorite, too.I forgot that. XD
  8. NeoPrincessBriarRose25

    Black Lady or Mistress 9

    As a result, Anime Mistress 9 won for now XD Is it because that everyone loves Sailor Saturn? (But I also do love Saturn)
  9. NeoPrincessBriarRose25

    Sailor Guardians: how do you rank them

    In my opinion, Luna was extremely horrible in 90's anime. Mamoru was no so irritating, but kinda boring character.
  10. NeoPrincessBriarRose25

    Sailor Guardians: how do you rank them

    90's anime 1. Makoto and Artemis - Makoto's personality is so cool. Artemis is sure kawai XD And he even tries to rescue Senshi during the fight often 2. Hotaru and Usagi 3. Rei and Ami 4. Seiya 5. Galaxia and Setsuna 6. Taiki and Yaten 7. Chibi Chibi 8. Michiru 9. Haruka 10. Chibiusa -...
  11. NeoPrincessBriarRose25

    Anyone else did not like Uranus,and Neptune in the 90 s anime

    I actually never liked Outers in S when I first watched it. Not only because about Hotaru, but they don't try to even discuss or talk, but solving problems by attacking
  12. NeoPrincessBriarRose25

    Your least favorite Inner Senshi

    I don't have any least favorite Inners (but I have least favorite Outers.......), but to be honest, I'm kinda disappointed about Minako / Sailor Venus's character. Season 1's Minako's was very serious and awesome girl, but she started to be Usagi no.2 since R season....... It's not bad, but...
  13. NeoPrincessBriarRose25

    Favorite Sailor Moon ending theme?

    Rashiku Ikimasho was cool, since Ami is the one singing. Plus, this song even appeared in Ami's first love
  14. NeoPrincessBriarRose25

    Your favorite Sailor Mars attack

    Oh, I forgot Akuryo Taisan! Sorry....XD I didn't added it because that attack was mainly used during Rei's form, not Mars......but I do love that attack, too XD Maybe I should add that too
  15. NeoPrincessBriarRose25

    Rank the Senshi in terms of beauty

    1. Michiru 2. Hotaru/ Galaxia 3. Makoto 4. Usagi/Ami 5. Haruka 6. Setsuna 7. Chibiusa
  16. NeoPrincessBriarRose25

    New Season, New Sailors?

    I really want 2 senshi. Two should have a power with Ice and Snow, and both were sisters. And I want one of them is in love with Artemis (not only because Artemis is my fave, but I can't stand with Luna's sneaky love) Plus, I wish they both have beautiful and graceful looks and attitude like...
  17. NeoPrincessBriarRose25

    Favorite season of original anime

    S and Super S. They both have cool story, lovely artworks, and addictive music
  18. NeoPrincessBriarRose25

    The hardest villain Sailor Moon had to fight (hard to harm them)

    Although this is too going to the 90's anime, Sailor Moon had 5 hardest villains she had to fight with. 1. Brainwashed Tuxedo Mask - You know why XD 2. Black Lady - Well, she is Usagi's daughter 3. Mistress 9 - She was pretending Hotaru's soul is back, and receives a chalice from Sailor Moon. 4...
  19. NeoPrincessBriarRose25

    What is your favorite Sailor Moon movie?

    Mine 1. Promise of Rose - So emotional, and great story. Plus, music is so addictive! 2. Ami's first Love - We can see much more personalities of Ami, plus it is so fun 3. Black Dream Hole - Cute characters, fun adventures, and also not so bad story, too! 4. Princess Kaguya's Lover - Terrible...