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    Your Sailor Moon Collection!

    Beautiful doll. And about that being your last one, that is just as likely as me solving my drinking problem :booze:
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    Let's think of new anime episodes!

    Makoto get visited by Gordon Ramsey from Hell's Kitchen--Because shes runs her own restaurant now. They get into a argument and decide to settle the issue with a cooking contest. Usagi accidentally is the fill in for the 3rd party chief, and wins the contest because she accidentally sabotages...
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    Your Sailor Moon predictions for 2009

    My Casted fly-fishing lures predict that the second warriors of legend book will be postponed till 2010 around mid summer.
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    HELP! Dark Princess Sailormoon's outfit

    Give her a dirty blond look with slightly shorter hair.
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    Reminder: July is Chibi Chibi month

    Aw, November, the painful month of Thanksgiving and that painful wait before Christmas and the new year parties. Then again, that last month before it is too late to slow down or stop the pain of another mind and body grinding year of the same time tried monotony of daily life. Seems a little...
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    Post cool fanart other than your own

    :lol: That's to dam funny.
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    Moon Crystal Power Makeover?

    Sounds like an oxymoron -> Artificial natural gas
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    Queen Serenity created Sailor Moon??

    I still think that Sailor moon is an manifestation of the Silver crystal powers.
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    Post cool fanart other than your own

    She looks pissed...
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    Post cool fanart other than your own

    Has it been a while or is it just me?
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    Where did the myth of Prince Uranus come from?

    If you a Westerner then yes, most of them are homophobic.
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    Komatsu Ayaka's clothes are coming off [this time for real]

    I wonder how fast that picture and post went around the world.
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    Kitagawa Keiko's "KEIKO'S BLOG"

    **Super Fantastic Absolutely Totally Fab **
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    Possible Myu in Philly?

    Yuu's hair is what made him so hot. I always wondered what happened to Nana Suzuki. She had the best smile for Sailor Venus.
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    Possible Myu in Philly?

    He was my favor Mamoru. He was the only one old enough to have a noticeable age difference with the girls who played Usagi. Gosh, my least favorite was the last Mamoru. Looked like a little punk with Marina. Yuu Shirota the 7th Mamoru with Marina was a pretty hot Mamoru, but still felt he...
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    Possible Myu in Philly?

    How old is he now? The first Myu is like in her later 30's isn't she.
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    Possible Myu in Philly?

    It’s going to sound funny in English.
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    SeraMyu not released on video?

    Did you find the Dracula series on video?
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    Post cool fanart other than your own

    Damn... looks like haruka is just a tiny bit pissed.
  20. T just informed me...

    I say you get it and write a review for Wiki moon. There is your justification.