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  1. peril_in_pink

    Post a pixel/sprite of you! :D

    I changed the shirt so that it's a solid color, so it looks like the one that I have
  2. peril_in_pink

    Favorite Episodes?

    I'm getting these titles off of a website, so i'm not sure if they're correct.... although I basically picked the same ones as everyone else SM 23. Wishing to a Shooting Star! Naru-chan's Pure Love 24. Naru-chan's Tear! Death of Nephrite for Love 31. Loved and Chased! Luna's Worst Day...
  3. peril_in_pink

    Things I learned from Sailor Moon...

    beware of dolls... they'll eventually turn evil and try to kill you
  4. peril_in_pink

    Create your own ending

    I could see Princess Sailor Moon/Moon Princess/Usagi letting the crystal go out of control and distroy everything, and as this is happening she's thinking I'm sorry everyone, I let you down, I can't control the crystal" and then all of a sudden she hears Mamoru say her name, and then everyone...
  5. peril_in_pink

    Fandom memories redux

    - I remember my friend showing me a cut out of the bandai sailor moon dolls from a Toys R Us ad, and then her brother ate it - I remember the first episode I watched was the very end of Wedding Day Blues, and I thought "hey, it's one of those crazy japanese cartoons, this show is so dumb... I...
  6. peril_in_pink

    Your Sailor Moon Collection!

    Wow Yaten! Don't mind me while I drool heavily over your collection....
  7. peril_in_pink

    Secret Toei Pics....Shhh....

    awesome pictures! thanks!!!
  8. peril_in_pink

    Jewelry Star Bracelet Besides Hobby Link Japan

    if you go to PayPal there should be a "send money" option at the top... as long as you have a credit card or checking account, and the person has an email address... you can send money
  9. peril_in_pink

    Jewelry Star Bracelet Besides Hobby Link Japan Celga is a middle man service that bids for items on yahoo japan for people, since it is a business they do have a mark up fee... I think it's something like if the item is Up to 1,000 yen $5 1,001 to 10,000 yen $10 10,001 to 20,000 yen $20 20,001 to 30,000 yen $30...
  10. peril_in_pink

    Jewelry Star Bracelet Besides Hobby Link Japan

    isn't that the same as the one in the three links to yahoo japan that I posted? <--- is confused
  11. peril_in_pink

    Jewelry Star Bracelet Besides Hobby Link Japan

    okay how about this.... go to some place like Celga, where they purchase things for people off of yahoo japan? I found 3 different auctions for them
  12. peril_in_pink

    Jewelry Star Bracelet Besides Hobby Link Japan

    here's one on ebay, there's a buy it now option for it
  13. peril_in_pink

    Jewelry Star Bracelet Besides Hobby Link Japan

    On ebay the seller moonkingdom is selling the bracelets, but I don't know if it's the kind you're looking for... currently they have the ones for mars, mercury, and jupiter up, but I think you can also get them (along with the one for venus) off of their website, but you have to have a $20.00...
  14. peril_in_pink

    A Question about Pluto

    I'm going nuts now cause there used to be a website this had this extremely long and elaborate theory about Pluto and I can't find it anymore... I know it did involve Neo Queen Serenity (and maybe even Queen Serenity) yanking her around... it got really complicated though
  15. peril_in_pink

    Since Codename Sailor V....

    Definitely... and I think Naoko had always intended the Sailor V series to be longer, but since Sailor Moon took off she had to end that story quicker to focus on Moon... so maybe if they did the TV show they could flesh out the story a little more
  16. peril_in_pink

    Post your PGSM wallpaper!!

    here's mine...
  17. peril_in_pink


    yeah... one of my friends told me that people sell "used panties" on ebay too... what the hell do people do with those, sniff them violently? Maybe I don't want to know.... :roll:
  18. peril_in_pink


    did the guy's hand fall asleep on the "?" button or something?
  19. peril_in_pink

    Minako's love-love? (spoilers)

    it probably would be something like her manager.. just like Luna's "kiss" :roll: