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  1. GTAB

    [US] Sailor Moon SuperS Viz Blu-ray/DVD sets

    As someone who's never seen SuperS before, I'm looking forward to receiving the set. I haven't watched any of the previews for the redub either just because I want to take it all in as I go through the season.
  2. GTAB

    Guys watching sm

    Just a thought, but I imagine some guys might watch the show due to the its status as a classic.
  3. GTAB

    Most beautiful Senshi

    Re: Minako, with Makoto and Michiru not too far behind. I think your avatar captures Mina's beauty very well. Never seen that artwork before. I'd love to see the full version.
  4. GTAB

    Your preference: Old dub, new dub or sub?

    May as well mention it here, but I finally got around to watching the Japanese version of episode 1 last night. The voices are good, but it's definitely going to take a while to get used to the cast since I'm so used to the Viz dub. I also noticed that the sound is a bit "rougher" and more...
  5. GTAB

    Sailor Moon gesture

    It'd be cool if that pose was for throwing the tiara right away. XD
  6. GTAB

    Sailormoon References/Cameos/etc.

    I was watching Lupin III From Russia with Love earlier today and noticed a minor character that's pretty much a dead ringer of Minako. Not sure whether or not is just a coincidence though. The special came out in July 1992, and even though Minako wasn't a major character in the anime at this...
  7. GTAB

    DiC vs. Viz

    ^ Nice. I'll still take Viz over DiC at the end of the day, but the first episode isn't too bad as far as the old dub goes. I still want to compare the 2 dubs for several episodes of S, but I keep procrastinating. XD
  8. GTAB

    Which MOTD design did you laughed at?

    Not sure why, but I always thought the MOTD from Ami's first episode looked kinda funny.
  9. GTAB

    Post Your Favorite Manga Art

    Is this one from Naoko? I've always liked it.
  10. GTAB

    Where to purchase the original DiC Dub?

    I went to a used media shop today and they had a few SM DVDs The main titles that caught my eye were a few Cloverway S and SuperS volumes. However, all of them were priced between $55-60 depending on the DVD. Considering that you can get all of S (albeit Viz's redub) for the same cost as one of...
  11. GTAB

    Why is Chibiusa offensive towards Usagi?

    Maybe Chibiusa sees herself as the superior Usagi. She probably just doesn't want regular Usagi ruining her reputation. Perhaps since Chibiusa behaves very similarly, she wants to take out her frustration on Usagi to look better in comparison. I dunno, I'm just throwing this theory out there.
  12. GTAB

    How do you feel about the Makaiju arc?

    I found it to be better than most of the Black Moon arc, but not as good as Classic or S. Some fun episodes, and also some boring ones as well. I didn't care for Moonlight Knight's story and I wondered why he didn't just merge back into Mamoru's body right away just so he could get all of his...
  13. GTAB

    Which Sailor Scout would you date?

    Minako - She's good looking, funny, and compassionate. What's not to like?
  14. GTAB

    Sailor Moon attraction at Universal Studios Japan (USJ) 2018

    I'm not sure what kind of attraction it'll be, but if they used the Moon Kingdom as the setting then that would be an interesting way to go.
  15. GTAB

    Sailormoon References/Cameos/etc.

    In one last 5 episodes of Neon Genesis Evangelion, I saw 2 cat statues on Ritsuko's desk; one white and the other purple. Are they supposed to represent Luna and Artemis?
  16. GTAB

    Flaws in the Viz dub to point out cuz I dunno

    Yes, Kaolinite calls her that in the 2nd half of the birthday 2 parter. Haruka and Michiru use this name for Usagi too, but way more frequently. I think Cloverway misinterpreted "Odango Atama" as "Moon Face Girl" instead of "Bun head" or even "Meatball head". I guess they didn't realize that...
  17. GTAB

    Modern songs that remind you of Sailor Moon

    This song isn't very modern (1981), but it still brings Sailor Moon to mind when I hear it:
  18. GTAB

    Post cool fanart other than your own

    I've always liked the way Minako looks here. Very beautiful.
  19. GTAB

    Rank the Senshi in terms of beauty

    :minako: :mako: :mihiru: :chibiusa: (Only for the episode where her age is swapped with Usagi's and when she becomes Black Lady. Other than those 2 moments, she would rank last.) :setsuna: :rei: :ami: :hotaru: (Only for when she becomes Mistress 9. Aside from that, she'd be...