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  1. ShinyVoir

    Is the fandom that bad?

    My guesses as to why some people view the SM fandom in a negative light: - The toxicity that exists between 90's Anime and Crystal Fans might scare off outsiders - Anime fandoms tend to be viewed badly in general, due to anime's reputation - People might not like/agree with the source...
  2. ShinyVoir

    Fondest Memories Of Being in the Sailor Moon Fandom

    My fondest memory is probably of when I first joined this forum. Back then Sailor Moon was all I thought about, whether I was thinking about stories in my head, or trying to find episodes in 3 parts on youtube. Every second of being on this forum was nothing but fun! I was really cringey and...
  3. ShinyVoir

    What DON'T you like about the English dub, exactly?

    I don't like how the dub is so cheesy. I also don't like the fact that they censored so much.
  4. ShinyVoir

    Sailor Moon Misconception that makes me SO MAD

    Yes. You don't know how much this bothers me. :|
  5. ShinyVoir

    Anyone disappointed that the new anime isn't a new story?

    Not at all, I'm actually pretty happy it's gonna be based on the manga. It's what I've always wanted! :D
  6. ShinyVoir

    Handmade Sailor Cosmos' Wand!

    Absolutely beautiful! =^_^=
  7. ShinyVoir

    How did you find this forum + why did you join?

    Well, since I had left a forum I used to go to. (The Metroid Database Forums) And one of my favorite forums (Kirby's Rainbow Resort) had just been struck by a huge malware hit, I decided to join a new forum. Since I had just gotten into Sailor Moon, I just Googled Sailor Moon Forum. This was the...
  8. ShinyVoir

    Sailor Moon Causes Nightmares?

    Yeah when I was little, I used to have nightmares about The Vacuum-cleaner. ^_^'
  9. ShinyVoir

    Osabu: Another announcement will be made on the 11th

    I'm not too sure about the Nail Polish, I hear it can't be shipped to the U.S. because of it's alcohol content. :(
  10. ShinyVoir

    Which online streaming site do you think it will be on?

    Ideas: Crunchyroll Hulu Crackle :innocent:
  11. ShinyVoir

    Osabu: SeraMyu returns this September!!

    The Musicals are returning? Yay! I've always liked the musicals.
  12. ShinyVoir

    DracheaRannak and Doll Divine's Sailor Senshi Maker

    Sailor Luna, Sailor Nightmare Moon, and Sailor Celestia.
  13. ShinyVoir

    Totally dumb question about Eternal Sailor Moon

    Um... why did you use a fap emoticon? Do you know what fapping is? :grey:
  14. ShinyVoir

    weird sailor venus fanart...

    As sad as it is to say, the internet is dominated by porn. :( I don't really use Google images anymore anyway because of that.
  15. ShinyVoir

    weird sailor venus fanart...

    Well I do ^_^' It's just that safe search isn't safe enough. :|
  16. ShinyVoir

    weird sailor venus fanart...

    Story of my life. :(
  17. ShinyVoir

    weird sailor venus fanart...

    But what if someone else is with you while it happens? Boy wouldn't that be akward. :lol: But I guess safe search doesn't even help now that I think about it. I've had safe search on and ran into pictures of Samus Aran's boobs anyway. :|
  18. ShinyVoir

    weird sailor venus fanart...

    If you don't use safe search, you might run into porn. :grey:
  19. ShinyVoir

    Favorite Rei?

    Manga Rei. She's very calm and I like that.