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  1. litacan

    What do you think about W.I.T.C.H. and Winx Club and how would you say they compare to SM?

    they are sm's bad copies. winx club is the most suitable one for kids. i like w.i.t.c.h somehow but while i was reading it, i always thought how it was similar to sailor moon.
  2. litacan

    KissAnime and KissManga taken down

    i protest netflix or such pay-to-watch things. i prefer streaming sites and/or torrents. much cheaper and i don't care about ads either.
  3. litacan

    KissAnime and KissManga taken down

    kissanime was been my official anime watching site for years. i don't know where i should go now. but i'm not sad anyway. i'll find a way.
  4. litacan

    Do you agree with Michiru and Haruka or Usagi?

    usagi. maybe because i don't like haruka and michiru. but i personally think like usagi about that issue.
  5. litacan

    Poll: Do you dislike SuperS?

    it was my favorite season as a child, when it was aired on tv. now i can't say i like it very much since my favorite happened to be r season after rewatches. but i can't say i hate it either. it's like a season for kids. an unicorn, a small kid as a main character and dream themes are more...
  6. litacan

    Would you like a manga adaptation of the 90s show?

    if i had a lot of free time i may do it. xd but i'd copy naoko's style since i can't draw well on my own. i'm pretty good at imitating stuff. not changing a single thing in 90s anime and adapting it to manga is really hard and wouldn't be possible. but i'd like to see it anyway.
  7. litacan

    What literary classics would you like Sailor Moon to adapt?

    alice in wonderland would be nice. i know they did it in cardcaptor sakura, and was good. for alice, i think noone other than usagi. the rabbit may be luna. i can't think about other characters.
  8. litacan

    Celebrating SM Birthdays!

    happy birthday to mamoru. i hate him but i had to celebrate. xd.
  9. litacan

    When was the last time you watched Crystal?

    i watched first few episodes of the first season back in the may. i intended completing it in the stay home period, but couldn't. for whatever reason crystal isn't appealing like 90s original. but i am still curious about the dream arc. i will watch it just for rei and ami's dreams. they are...
  10. litacan

    Do you think its problematic to find the characters attractive?

    No. They are designed to lok attractive, that's the goal. Maybe they wouldn't be so popular if they were less attractive
  11. litacan

    Sailor Venus's Hair Acrobats

    Never noticed them before. They are funny. Giving a mysterious air to the transformation. Also great name choice. Them are really ilke acrobats.
  12. litacan

    Did ppl get wrong with Beryl's character?

    As a beryl fan i don't think she is pure and i can Never imagine her being innocent. But i love her that way. Her love for endymion is because of her ambition. She just craves him. Maybe she is also jealous that endymion didn't chose her. :unsure:
  13. litacan

    Male characters in Sailor Moon

    they are only for fangirls' love interests... just kiding. i always loved their designs and interesting backstories. except... well mamoru. i can't like him. no matter what.
  14. litacan

    Season 4 movies update: Sailor Moon Eternal - Delayed to 2021 (Part 1 on January 8th & Part 2 on February 11th)

    i'm not expecting anything, just being curious. those delays made me wonder about it. :roll: no more delay, hopefully :P
  15. litacan

    Which Female Villain is the prettiest?

    black lady. probably because she's like an older version of chibiusa, who seems pretty to me.
  16. litacan

    What have you learned from Sailor Moon?

    I came to say 'having close girl friends is the best thing in the world' because it's the most important thing I learned when i first started watching it. I was about 4 when I first saw it and it occasionally aired on tv till I was 12 when rewatching the anime, I learned much about japan's...
  17. litacan

    Creating Your Own Filler Arc for R

    I enjoyed myself while thinking about it and haven't come up with a nice scenario. that's the best i could think all senshi would have their own episodes where they gain their memory. it takes 5 episodes. then they would fight with random monsters until 14th episode.
  18. litacan

    Motoki + ? = Love

    i like minako + motoki (mainly because i'm toying with this couple in my fanfic nowadays) so i think i'm voting for them. but he's pretty good with any of the above. even mamoru lol.
  19. litacan

    Raye vs Lita

    i think it's a tie. if raye can call supernatural beings with her spells may she win. xd
  20. litacan

    Which inner senshi's first appearance do you like the most?

    no doubt: mercury. particularly in 90s anime, there's a strong criticism about educational system in that episode. and i like it.