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  1. PrincessSetsuna88

    What does Sailor Moon mean or meant for you growing up

    a lot of things...It remains till today a sweet memory!
  2. PrincessSetsuna88

    Tuxedo Mask in Pokemon?

    That's pretty cool! Still I have to admit that I prefer Jessie as Tuxedo Kamen...James looks quite stupid!
  3. PrincessSetsuna88

    Sailor Moon ANT1 Greek Dub Commercial

    OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!! :oh: I can't believe it! As Greek that's the one I used to watch when I was little! :happy: I did remember that it was every weekend at 9:30 (because I had a quarrel with my mom over it... :tongue:) but I have to admit that I remember no commercials... so thanks a lot for...
  4. PrincessSetsuna88

    Momoiro Clover Z's Moonlight Densetsu

    Yeah she has sung a number of SM songs and she is really good... at least she has a voice! I hope technology will make the difference with Momoiro Clover Z. If not that would be just horrible! XD
  5. PrincessSetsuna88

    I just finished watching the S Season...

    The point was to make a different end. The main problem for me is that after the entrance of Saturn the whole thing was really rushed... they should have divided better the time... As for H and M opposite SM I had no problem. They just wanted her to realise her role as a leader and as a princess...
  6. PrincessSetsuna88

    Wow... Rei & Mamoru look BEAUTIFUL in Manga version...

    I'd say that ALL the characters look beautiful in the manga...
  7. PrincessSetsuna88

    Keeping up w/ the PGSM cast

    It's so cool that they work together again! and they look so mature... just great! probably the two who have changed a lot from their PGSM days Senshi power! :)
  8. PrincessSetsuna88

    Why is Sailor Jupiter the most underrated Inner Soldier?

    In the anime (R - if I remember correctly) she used this argument in order to take the leading role of Snow White! :lol: Yeah I agree with rgveda99 that Minako's portrayal in PGSM was an improvement but that happened with all the senshi including Mako. I guess the writers decided to take it...
  9. PrincessSetsuna88

    Anime story/change from Manga you hope is in new anime?

    I voted the four sisters but I would also love to see more of Silver Millenium and Crystal Tokyo - the past and the future.
  10. PrincessSetsuna88

    What is Crystal Tokyo really like?

    It'd be interesting if the new anime explored it a little more. But still it would be great if you could visit it for a couple of days but afterwards... JUST boring... all this peace, quietness and calmness... it'd get on your nerves I guess! How could they live 1000 years??? :dead:
  11. PrincessSetsuna88

    How do you feel about the Makaiju arc?

    This arc was a bit short but I really liked it. Can't say I loved it but it certainly had its good parts. I enjoyed watching An getting upset because of jealousy or Alan trying to understand what's the meaning behind the food you prepare for your beloved-one! :lol: These two were actually the...
  12. PrincessSetsuna88

    Which villain's attacks/powers would you like to have?

    ^ exactly my thoughts... Her powers were really :cool:
  13. PrincessSetsuna88

    Whats your favorite version of Moonlight Legend?

    DALI - It's the classic one! I :love: it!
  14. PrincessSetsuna88

    New Transformation Scenes: How Will They Be Like in SM 2013?

    Actually in PGSM there was such a scene when :rei: transformed while she was running (after :minako: 's death) and it was pretty awsome! :oh: It makes more sense sometimes. I would like a combination of real time and ''classic'' transformations adopted to each situation
  15. PrincessSetsuna88

    Who is the most ugliest Sailor Moon character?

    Zirconia :supercry: I think she's the epitome of ugliness :eek: :eek: :eek:
  16. PrincessSetsuna88

    Sailor Mars has always looked Hispanic to me...

    True... She could pass for an Arab! But Rei is the one that really looks Asian!
  17. PrincessSetsuna88

    Which of the Inner Senshi would you be okay with NOT seeing?

    I do agree that Mercury could be a little boring but to me Venus became the most annoying... So I'll go for Venus... :o
  18. PrincessSetsuna88

    PGSM off Youtube - Any ideas of getting it back?

    I searched Veoh and indeed there are all the episodes. :happy: Thank you all for your help. :) I would love to download them by Miss Dream but the problem is the lack of time... I plan to do it though! ;)
  19. PrincessSetsuna88

    Which Senshi would make the best model?

    Really??? :shocked: I had no idea... The good thing though is that Setsuna's appearance maybe inspired by Campbell but thank goodness she has a completely different character. I mean can you imagine what could happen if she got easily pissed off? :lol:
  20. PrincessSetsuna88

    Anyone know in how many episodes does Saturn appear...???

    I forgot Pluto... ^_^' She appears in the R season for two episodes and then in the S for like the 1/3 of the episodes and during the Stars season the same as Saturn. I don't know the exact number though