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  1. Guardian Princess Nadia

    Does Rei have crows or ravens?

    They're Rei-vens. :)
  2. Guardian Princess Nadia

    The Seven Great Youma's Strength

    I still say it would have made more sense for all the Seven Great Youma, once manifesting in the present, to have kept their reborn lives and mentality after transforming, thus forcing Zoisite to have to take a second action brainwash them as was done to Ryo. Given that Tuxedo Mask was on...
  3. Guardian Princess Nadia

    The Seven Great Youma's Strength

    You could always handwave it away as the Seven Great Youma not really being fully awakened or properly prepared. Unlike the other Shitennou, Zoisite didn't have the capacity to work with these Youma beforehand as part of an evil scheme. Whereas all of the other Youma in the series were...
  4. Guardian Princess Nadia

    Best anime original monster?

    Most of the monsters of the week are bleh with a few standouts. If I had to pick a favorite off the top of my head, it would be Binah/Veena in terms of powers and design. As for the best one overall, both disguised and transformed, I'd pick Murido/Dream Dolly and she also had a sick Youma...
  5. Guardian Princess Nadia

    Whos Your Favorite Sailor Moon Ship?

    As I've said years ago, I'm not really a fan of shipping, although I don't hate it, either. Some of my fan (even for fun) ships are admittedly problematic. My favorite canon ship is Naru/Umino, but then again that's only canon to the old anime. My favorite semi canonship is Ami/Ryo, and it's...
  6. Guardian Princess Nadia

    What were Saphir's true feelings for Demand?

    Just because there's a fan-preferred pairing doesn't make it canonical. There are plenty of non-canon ships that fans wish were canon (like Lapidot) and are heavily referenced in fan pairings but aren't meant to be a couple.
  7. Guardian Princess Nadia

    Do you like Usagi? How do you rank her among your favorite characters?

    She's solidly in the middle of the pack. She has her admirable qualities, and at least starts out as a unique lead (at least for the time), but in her early episodes she is far too whiny and baby-ish and in later episodes she is far too forgiving. That she gets away without making any of the...
  8. Guardian Princess Nadia

    So...anyone want to talk about how Usagi just...casually knows how to use a sword?

    If that's the case, then why was Sailor Moon so clumsy and uncoordinated even in combat at first? While I can agree some combat knowledge may be passed along, at no time was it indicated swordplay was in those skillsets. Practice makes perfect. I like the idea that some of the physical...
  9. Guardian Princess Nadia

    Junichi Sato on why Rei was different in the 90's anime (also some griping about Tuxedo Unmasked)

    All I'm going to say about Tuxedo Unmasked is that the person behind that site blocked me on Twitter and hangs around a lot of the "upper echelon" of the Sailor Moon fandom which has also blocked me, then pitched a fit and reported me (which got me suspended) for blocking them back. Fans always...
  10. Guardian Princess Nadia

    Japan's Cosplay Copyright Law

    Ugh...just no. I get the intent of the proposed legislation. There might be a fear there could be a Times Square-ish situation here people dress up in costumes and angrily pester you to take a picture with them and get money. Except I'm pretty sure Japan has existing trademark laws which...
  11. Guardian Princess Nadia

    Is there a reason the '90's made Mamoru such an asshole?

    I don't know if there's a reason, but he is definitely a major league jerk. His first interaction with her in this life is berating her for getting an awful score. He's not offering any sort of encouragement. He's not trying to help her. Instead he's just being a jerk for not reason to be a...
  12. Guardian Princess Nadia

    Deleted and Altered Scenes from the 90s Anime?

    Plus, Itoh had the habit of making the girls' ears bigger or at least more prominent than most anime artists. It's a little thing that always grated me about that style.
  13. Guardian Princess Nadia

    If there is only one teammate senshi, which one would you choose for Usagi?

    Although Usagi needs all her girls, if she has to go with one with the longest time with one, I think she should definitely pick Mako. Mako and Usagi have enough similarities (love of girly things, strong moral code), but enough differences (Mako is more ready to jump into action, Usagi is more...
  14. Guardian Princess Nadia

    Deleted and Altered Scenes from the 90s Anime?

    Indeed, that does explain the wings that appear in the Moon Crystal Power transformation. To think, I didn't think the attacks could get any more Engrish. These proto names make me wonder if they come up with these names because they hadn't been revealed in the manga, or were these actually...
  15. Guardian Princess Nadia

    Deleted and Altered Scenes from the 90s Anime?

    Thank you for unearthing this knowledge. About Episode 24, I'm ambivalent about the change. On one hand, the episode opening up that way would be intense, but at the same time the episode and arc work because how Nephrite feels is purposely not clear. Pushing that "he's in love and doesn't...
  16. Guardian Princess Nadia

    Best Optimum dub series finale

    It's...on the lower end in terms of in faithfulness. While the general gist was the same, the dub made some very big changes, much of it a continuation of how it softened Alan from Ail. It made Alan come to realize Serena is in love with Darien a lot sooner than Ail accepted it, and thus...
  17. Guardian Princess Nadia

    Your most hated episodes of the 90s anime

    Technically, the beach episode was before the showdown. I don't feel bad for them at least on that front because animated series don't work like that. Typically, multiple episodes are animated at once in batches; there is no way to reliably release an animated episode a week with a serial...
  18. Guardian Princess Nadia

    What do you think is more insulting? "Odango Atama", "Meatball Head" or "Bun Head"?

    "Meatball head" is insulting, but cute, and it gets across the image well since her buns do look like meatballs to me. "Bun head" is insulting and not cute. It reminds me too much of "Butt-Head." It could always be worse. He could have called her "hairballs."
  19. Guardian Princess Nadia

    Did YouTube keep SM alive?

    It definitely helped in some ways, as it provided a straightforward way to watch episodes without having to set up a torrent client. I remember when YouTube wouldn't allow anyone to upload a video that was longer than 10 minutes and all of the episodes were divided into segments. One of the...
  20. Guardian Princess Nadia

    Why didn't Queen Serenity reincarnate on Earth like the rest of the Silver Millennium?

    For the anime, it's pretty simple; Queen Serenity's mass reincarnation was clearly a one-time deal and she probably had to opt out of reincarnation in exchange to keep the flow of souls open. Plus, she might have done this on purpose because if she did reincarnate, she would lose her memories...