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  1. GalX3

    What do you think is more insulting? "Odango Atama", "Meatball Head" or "Bun Head"?

    I imagine that is how Nattō tastes on a good day. Mind you I took one whiff of the stuff and didn't try it on any day!
  2. GalX3

    What do you think is more insulting? "Odango Atama", "Meatball Head" or "Bun Head"?

    Wait what? Are you saying that the Odango hair style is officially called cow tails (vegetarians need not search for that esp. in Japanese) in Japan? Or are you recollecting abuse you have received about your personal hairstyle?
  3. GalX3

    Your most hated episodes of the 90s anime

    I'm so glad someone else took issue with the dinosaur episode. It is my least favourite episode. Dinosaurs just doesn't fit, it breaks my trust in the story. Now if they were aliens like Phobos and Deimos I could maybe have run with that. But they were just dinosaurs. I can't help but think this...
  4. GalX3

    What do you think is more insulting? "Odango Atama", "Meatball Head" or "Bun Head"?

    It occurs to me that shoving the word head after any word and calling someone it pretty much turns it into an insult... That aside I was wondering if the actual proper Japanese word for Usagi's hair style is odangos. Perhaps Mamoru had just forgotten Usagi's name (again) or confused her with a...
  5. GalX3

    Review in progress

    I'm throwing a party in your honour. I must admit some of the music was lovely and suited the scene, particularly the reflective/nostalgic tracks (like below) but for me most of it was just repetitive, bland, forgettable background filler. But perhaps I'm not being fair when...
  6. GalX3

    Review in progress

    Thank you for taking the time to give us your 2 part review you are super kind. I have no idea when I will get to see this in Australia but I am happy that I will be going into this with realistic expectations. As I always said you could entertain me by putting a poster of Sailor Moon on the...
  7. GalX3

    If you were granted an interview with Naoko..

    I can't possibly be the only one that searches the Swarovski store for Silver Crystals on a regular basis whispering "Maboroshi no ginzuishou"... or maybe I am? I would ask her to please consider writing an act 61 and what her ideas for it might be...
  8. GalX3

    Seiya Is A Creep

    Agreed. No means no period. Seiya (depending on what you go by) knew Mamoru was dead and did not believe there was any chance he would be coming back but could not tell Usagi. I'm not sure if this makes it better or worse though!
  9. GalX3

    Goodbye 2020! Hello 2021! Onegai Vaccine... Minna no inochi tasukete!

    Wishing you a happier and safer 2021 from Australia! Usa & Rei (and Mina) watched the Sydney fireworks on TV with me from the best seat in the house.
  10. GalX3

    Funniest character in the series?

    I agree, DIC dub Serena was hilarious.
  11. GalX3

    Funniest character in the series?

    usagi usagi + rei chibiusa + usagi professor tomoe mimete haruka + michiru lead crow + aluminum siren witches 5 x witches 5 usagi + mamo usagi + ann
  12. GalX3

    Best Animal Antagonist Group?

    Oops. Ok I fixed it thanks. I preferred the Sailor AnimaMates over the Amazon Trio btw (by a whisker).
  13. GalX3

    Is Sailor Venus Sailor Moon's Superior or Subordinate?

    I think Minako is subordinate to Usagi. Reasons... Usagi is the princess/queen. If your queen asks you to do something you do it. You might advise against it but you do it. If your queen chooses to join in the battle you support her as best you can. Minako is the leader of the inners. Usagi is a...
  14. GalX3

    Is Ami really that smart?

    You made up palatal-delectation. I made up palatial-detection. (read my full article by expanding the quote in this post: 2020: Scientists find water on the moon) Stop taking credit for my work or in the name... :usagi:: "Yeah yeah, you've stolen my line enough!"
  15. GalX3

    Is Ami really that smart?

    I hear Neo Queen Serenity has a high level of palatial-detection intelligence too.
  16. GalX3

    Best Animal Antagonist Group?

    :artemis:: "Why isn't Luna on the list? Nobody understands my suffering..." :luna:: "Just popping out to complete my research on how many handsome astronomers are in Japan. Never know when the enemy might target their pure heart crystals!"
  17. GalX3

    Esmeraude or Kaolinite

    I voted Esmeraude because of her very fun, distinct and strong personality (though at times ear-grating). Kaorinite is a great character too but I feel like she could have been handled better.
  18. GalX3

    If you were to produce the next Live Action reboot...

    I think there are too many set locations (year 3000 Earth, Crystal Tokyo, Nemesis, the Space Time door area, UFOs, ...) to worry about that the project would not get off the ground, regardless of the merits of the plot. Mugen arc can be set 100% on Earth using present-day buildings/locations.