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  1. usagi29

    Funniest Episode?

    Super S : The Senshis learnt/thought that Chibi Usa has a boyfriend & they tried to get informations about it. Mamoru also invited Chibi Usa in a restaurant while the senshis eavesdrop. Sailor Moon Classic : Ep11 : The Dreamland episode.
  2. usagi29

    Seiya Is A Creep

    Anime Seiya was there for a whole season & has good moments, Usagi stills continues to be his/her friend till the end. Usagi can't move away & feels helpless when Demande tries to force her to kiss or whatever, Demande right away tried to compell her & says that he will get her anyway. Usagi's...
  3. usagi29

    SuperS is worse upon rewatch

    I 've rewatched SM SS months ago. I don't love the first part much although I like the amazon trio. Then the second half of this season gets better with the amazon trio 's departure. I love the second half because it centers more on Chibi Usa & Helios than the first half which is a couple that...
  4. usagi29

    Whos Your Favorite Sailor Moon Ship?

    Usagi&Mamoru, Helios&ChibiUsa, Yuichiro&rei.
  5. usagi29

    Who is your favorite Death Busters member(s)?

    Mistress 9. She should have appeared more than she did.
  6. usagi29

    Anyone else did not like Uranus,and Neptune in the 90 s anime

    I don't like much Haruka. She 's irritating.
  7. usagi29

    Usagi's treatment of Umino in the first season.

    I only don't like that in episode 15, when she sees him outside of Game Center Crowd, she wants to go out with him one time. She used him for his money just so she can spy on Mamoru & Rei, she knows that he wants to date her .
  8. usagi29

    Season 1: best and worst episode

    Best episode : The last one (episode 46) with the last fight Serenity vs Beryl. Honorable mention to episodes 34 & 35 with the revelations of Serenity & Endymion. Worst episode : Episode 14 : Painful boring episode with not one interesting scene good that makes it interesting.
  9. usagi29

    Sailor Guardians: how do you rank them

    1 :usagi: 2 :rei: 3 :hotaru: 4 :setsuna: 5 :ami: 6 :mihiru: 7 :chibiusa: 8 :haruka: 9 :minako: 10 :mako:
  10. usagi29

    Episodes of the classic series you personally like/dislike?

    11 - Usagi & Rei banters in dreamland lol 15 - Usagi & Mamoru, how Rei tries to make herself propose a date by Mamoru makes me laugh, I love that Mamoru saved Luna's life and his moment with Rei in the park. 17 - Usagi defeats the monster of the week without the other senshis 27 - One of my...
  11. usagi29

    The music Dic vs the Japanese original.

    Japanese I'm a French and in France, we have the same music of the original japanese played during SM except that music with japanese lyrics isn't played like in the scene of rubeus trying to attack and kill Chibi Usa in SMr. I have grown with japanese music of SM so I love it and it is a part...
  12. usagi29

    What do you think of Mamoru and Usagi's love/hate thing?

    I love it as a Mamoru & Usagi fan, I love their banters and the tango music that played during the scenes, I just think they should have sympathised before the elevator scene, maybe after the day spent at Yumemi Yumemo's house. I think the writers should have make them more friendly and sympatic...
  13. usagi29

    Mojo's Top 10 Sailor Moon Characters

    My list : 1 Usagi 2 Mamoru 3 Hotaru 4 Setsuna 5 Black Lady 6 rei 7 Queen Beryl 8 Saphir and his brother (diamond?) 9 Michiru 10 Ami Mizuno HM : Haruka (but she is irritating sometimes!!!!!) and Mistress 9
  14. usagi29

    Favorite Sailor Moon ending theme?

    I love Tuxedo Mirage the best, followed by Otome No Policy. My top would be : 1 Tuxedo Mirage 2 Otome No Policy 3 Princess Moon 4 Heart Moving 5 rashiku Ikimasho 6 Watashi-tachi Ni Naritakute 7 Kaze Mo Sora Mo Kito
  15. usagi29

    Favourite season finale?

    Sailor Moon Classic finale remains the best for me, Usagi was so childish at the beginning and will be all alone to confront Beryl. She became strong at the end against Beryl. Plus the deaths of the sailor senshis and Mamoru's because he saved Usagi 's life before the fight is tragic, painful...
  16. usagi29

    Rank the Senshi in terms of beauty

    Setsuna Michiru Rei Usagi Hotaru Minako Ami Makoto Haruka
  17. usagi29

    Favorite season of original anime

    1 - Classic 2 - S 3 - R 4 - SS 5 - Stars
  18. usagi29

    Your least favorite Inner Senshi

    Makoto, though I don't dislike her, she's for me the least interesting inner senshi, I don't even remember her character focused episodes compared to the others apart of her introduction episode in season 1.