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  1. MugenStudent

    Do you like Usagi? How do you rank her among your favorite characters?

    She is either my favorite or second favorite. The show is built around Usagi so it's hard not to find her endearing. She's also the comedic element of the show. An imperfect hero. And her love of food is too relatable.
  2. MugenStudent

    Do people still watch the Dic Dub unironically?

    The Dic dub introduced Sailor Moon to me and even then I liked it so I can't really hold it's changes too much against it. I do prefer the more accurate dub but for 8-year-old me Dic was very enjoyable. It wasn't until way after that I discovered the "truth" about Zoisite. Terri Hawkes will...
  3. MugenStudent

    Christian Production Company: "Sailor Moon is Satanic"

    Paranoia and fear are very in mode right now. I was taught that Pokemon was evil in the church I attended as a child. I didn't buy into it and the ridiculousness of ideas like that is why I was easily able to move on from that once I got a little bit older. But I'm not at all surprised about a...
  4. MugenStudent

    Did YouTube keep SM alive?

    Oh definitely. Without it I would have never re-discovered Sailor Moon. I originally watched Sailor Moon during the DiC years as a kid in the 90's and but did not continue it past the "Black Moon Stick" episode. We didn't have cable growing up so I didn't even know it was airing past that. I was...
  5. MugenStudent

    If we get Stars. What character or scenes you want to see?

    We better get Stars. -Sailor Phi and Sailor Chi -Sailor Cosmos
  6. MugenStudent

    What is your trivial pet peeve in Sailor Moon?

    Mercury's final pose once she finishes transforming. It doesn't look good or comfortable. Forgive me Ami.
  7. MugenStudent

    Was it more of Crystal or the Manga's problem?

    The art should have better. The manga is gorgeous. Some scenes looked great, others... not so much. I guess as a long time fan I was expecting it to be treated with more care (a bigger budget) by those responsible. There is a repetitiveness in the manga, where one chapter is devoted to each...
  8. MugenStudent

    Things Crystal Did Better

    That outro song with Mamo standing in the rain being a sexy man and posing to the spotlights... It's a moment. And the song is a bop. The whole thing brings me more joy than it has any right to. Cihib-usa. She was awful in R. Infinity Arc. The short format worked perfectly for that story.
  9. MugenStudent

    Whos Your Favorite Sailor Moon Ship?

    Luna x Artemis - Who didn't feel awful for Artemis during Diana's introduction? Minako x Kunzite - Just something I want to see because of the Sailor V manga Usagi x Seiya - Usagi is adorable and amazing and I liked seeing a suitor outwardly express it on the show. I'm not against Mamo and I...
  10. MugenStudent

    When was the last time you watched Crystal?

    I just watched rewatched the The Infinity Arc for the first time since it aired and it really was an improvement over the first two attempts. There was a sense of urgency and dread in this shorter format that they finally got right. The season had a great pace, it didn't feel like there was any...
  11. MugenStudent

    Poll: Do you dislike SuperS?

    I rewatched SuperS again since I was home so much at the start of the pandemic and it really changed my former opinion of the season. There is more pink and Chibi-Usa by ten but I didn't mind it this time around. I found Circus theme was very charming. Their monsters-of-the-week were well...