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  1. SignorinaTsukino

    Sailor Moon Crystal in Italy

    Actually the chances are pretty high in my opinion. I mean, they brought the new Pokemon film and Sailor Moon is even more popular.
  2. SignorinaTsukino


    I read somewhere that in Japan Catholic schools are nothing more than prestigious private schools so it does make sense for her to attend one. Anyway I attended myself a catholic school and I deeply regret it, I wish I attended a public school.
  3. SignorinaTsukino

    Sailor Moon Crystal in Italy

    From January 15th Rai Gulp will re-run Sailor Moon Crystal everyday at 23:35. Also according to Amazon Italy the Eternal Edition will be released on January 31th, but Star Comics did not confirm It yet.
  4. SignorinaTsukino

    The most atrocious SM dub of all time

    I like It too, I find the lyrics very fitting even If they are completely different from the japanese ones.
  5. SignorinaTsukino

    Which Sailor Moon songs you couldn't care less?

    Maboroshi no Ginzuishou, I never liked it
  6. SignorinaTsukino

    Were You Ever Made Fun Of For Liking Sailor Moon?

    Thankfully I was never bullied as a child, all the Kids I knew were very nice and friendly. Everything changed during my last year of High School though... You know what? Sometimes I Wish Sailor Moon or my passion for maho shojo anime were the reason I was bullied.
  7. SignorinaTsukino

    The most atrocious SM dub of all time

    I hope they change their mind and will not base Stars on the italian version...If not, I apologize to all the Albanain fans
  8. SignorinaTsukino

    New Naoko Interview in FRAU

    Well the '90s anime was clearly a children show, its japanese commercials proove It. I guess the manga's target is the same of Nakayoshi, young girls of age 8-14, but its dark ad serious tone make think It was aimed to the older readers of the magazines.
  9. SignorinaTsukino

    New Naoko Interview in FRAU

    I watched only three episodes so I did not know it was for children. I always thought it was for pree-teens/teens.
  10. SignorinaTsukino

    New Naoko Interview in FRAU

    I love how dark and serious the manga can be, but considering Nakayoshi's demographic I would have avoided scenes like Black Lady kissing her father(even if they were brainwashed).
  11. SignorinaTsukino

    Viz Media's Sailor Moon Crystal BD/DVD Thread

    I am a bit envious, in Italy the chances of a home video release right now are non-existent.
  12. SignorinaTsukino

    Who Is The Best Sailor Moon Villain?

    Sailor Galaxia and Queen Beryl. Anyway why are Nehellenia and the Black Moon Clan absent from this poll?
  13. SignorinaTsukino

    What Is The Worst Sailor Moon Season?

    Stars. It was supposed to be the Grand Finale.. instead it was a no sense mess with a huge black hole that made disappear beloved characters/good storylines and replaced them with the obnoxious Three Lights/SeiyaxUsagi ship.
  14. SignorinaTsukino

    Sailor "Moe"on?

    No please, everything but the Moe style!!!! I still remember the pain I went through to watch Smile! Precure
  15. SignorinaTsukino

    What is the worst season of Crystal so far?

    Season 1 and it is funny because for me the Black Moon Arc is the worst part of the manga. The Senshi x Shittenou subplot is the worst thing that ever happened to the franchise(also the CGI transformations didn't help)
  16. SignorinaTsukino

    Anyone else not like season 3's art style?

    The new chara is not bad, but in my opinion it does not suit Sailor Moon at all. It made the characters look like children, especially the Outers
  17. SignorinaTsukino

    Sailor Stars ending

    I hated Stars but I don't find Usagi's behaviour ridiculous. Galaxia was controlled by an evil force, she was not responsible of her actions and above all she was a Sailor Warrior who tried her best to save the galaxy, just like Usagi did numerous times. She could never kill her.
  18. SignorinaTsukino

    Why Didn't Tohru Furuya Return For Crystal?

    Crystal is a reboot, something completely different from the old anime and maybe Toei chose a new cast to reinforce this concept. However this does not explain why they kept Kotono for Usagi.
  19. SignorinaTsukino

    Why Didn't Tohru Furuya Return For Crystal?

    I think it was just a fan rumor, maybe he promoted Crystal beacause he is fond of Sailor Moon and he wanted to help. Anyway is it true that Kotono had to be auditioned for Usagi's role?
  20. SignorinaTsukino

    Post Your Favorite Manga Art

    Naoko is a very good artist, too bad she is not as good as a writer. I wonder why it is so hard for Toei to find someone able to reproduce her style, the new chara made me hate the third season of Crystal