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  1. Onuzim Ima

    [Fanfic] N. A. - Crossover Crisis

    "Hands off that console!" Robbie lashed at the Commanding Officer who was hastily and frantically jumping back and forth between varying terminals and switchboards. "Your Evildoing ends here. Now that I look closely... Haven't we met before?" - "Hrmph. You mean because us Meruvinians all look...
  2. Onuzim Ima

    Negavision dub

    Copy Protection maybe? Or if it's a self-recorded tape from TV, it's possibly too old now or the Tracking between two different Recorders is too incompatible. Already had all of these examples. :ami:
  3. Onuzim Ima

    [Fanfic] N. A. - Crossover Crisis

    Chapter 05 - Let's Get Ready To Rumble! Unnkown Planet Universe No. ??? A young Guard who just came back from his nap and had been awoken by the noise outside saw the gang of Intruders standing at what was formerly a door. The mere shock let him drop his Coffee Mug. When he reached out his...
  4. Onuzim Ima

    What are your guys thoughts on the two new Sailor Moon Crystal movies coming on 2019?

    Agree. In comparison, while still cute, the Reboot versions of the girls weren't as sympathetic to me as in the old series. I don't need a man-hating, celibacy-practicing :rei:, a serious, non-goofy :minako:, a less short-tempered :mako: or, on a really bad day, not even a yet more socially...
  5. Onuzim Ima

    [Fanfic] N. A. - Crossover Crisis

    The data they had recieved from the Meruvinian Magistrate led them into some strange kind of Midworld in which the walls looked somewhat warped and a high pressure of unnknown origin weighted upon their bodies. At one point, the Sailor Senshi's costumes suffered under this outside force in a way...
  6. Onuzim Ima

    My theory about the Negaverse

    I wonder if this is the same 'Negaverse' which was mentioned in Darkwing Duck (A WESTERN cartoon from DISNEY) and which is credited with giving birth to his Archnemesis Negaduck.
  7. Onuzim Ima

    Sailormoon References/Cameos/etc.

    Another Connection: Do you know who voices the youngest Sister (Skuld) in the Japanese Version? Hint: Her name begins with A (just like her SM Character does) :-) ************** Look at the little girl's costume: JA of TRSE Presents: Three Guardians: The Warmth of the Stars
  8. Onuzim Ima

    [Fanfic] N. A. - Crossover Crisis

    Chapter 04 - La Lumière en la Sortie du Tunnel Paris, France Earth No. ??? "Hawk Moth! You wicked, sick purple puppy! Is that your work again, over there?" the Teenage girl dressed in a red One Piece Jumpsuit with a black Polka Dot pattern on it yelled in the Direction of a creepy projection...
  9. Onuzim Ima

    Makoto just HAD to mention her Ex-Lover/Old Senpai again.^^ And what a strange coincidence that...

    Makoto just HAD to mention her Ex-Lover/Old Senpai again.^^ And what a strange coincidence that I finished that scene right on her birthday. :-D Next chap will already be the one where Ladybug first comes into play! And let's see which of the Cameos you guys can recognize by Character...
  10. Onuzim Ima

    [Fanfic] N. A. - Crossover Crisis

    When they reopened their eyes, a Dead Silence lay in the air. Everything and everybody around them seemed petrified mid-movement. "Oh. You can freeze time, too? Isn't that illegal?" Mercury wondered. - "Technically speaking, it's not frozen, but moving incredibly slow for us. I regard that as a...
  11. Onuzim Ima

    Sailor Moon sound effects

    Anybody tried to use these as Windows sounds? Especially that WEEEEEEEEE of Mercury just screams for becoming an Alert signal! :ami: It's not even that difficult: Open the file with a compatible Sound Editor like Nero Wave or CLEAN Audio, cut out and copyparse the bits into a new file and save...
  12. Onuzim Ima

    Celebrating SM Birthdays!

    Happy B-Day :mako: ! May your own Birthday Cake end up well! :-)
  13. Onuzim Ima

    Sailormoon References/Cameos/etc.

    If I recall correctly, some sources claimed she also borrows from Nadja (Secret of Blue Water)^^ But then again, this is really just too obvious. She's such an :ami: Lookalike you could use her as a Reference/Stand-In for Fanart of an older, matured Mercury! :-) No, seriously, she even has...
  14. Onuzim Ima

    [Fanfic] N. A. - Crossover Crisis

    Chapter 03 - The Magnileficent Seven Six When Robbie descended on the other side of the Portal, the four remaining Sailor Senshi were still there, apparently not having moved at all. "Oh, welcome back." Sailor Mars said. "Were you successful?" - "Yeah, one down. Now up to the next. It should be...
  15. Onuzim Ima

    Random Sailormoon Fandom WTFs!!!!

    Someone's in urgent need of a cold shower around here.^^
  16. Onuzim Ima

    Japanese civilian names for the Quartet?

    Maybe they could go with names referring to their hair colours? Parapara = Something with Aoi (=blue), Besubesu = Something with Aka (=red) etc. Their first names might be foreign (i. e. English), though. Or if they decide to pose as siblings, the colours'd be the first names. Something along...
  17. Onuzim Ima

    Seems good time to listen to classic SM Christmas songs...

    Then you should get your hands ears on her "Merry Christmas" song. Keep your hankerchiefs ready if you're easily touched. ;) If this is supposed to happen In-Character, then I wonder why it didn't appear on one of the SM Christmas CDs. P. S.: Born November 12th... We missed her birthday...
  18. Onuzim Ima

    Seems good time to listen to classic SM Christmas songs...

    When they all sing "Rudolph the red-nosed Reindeer"... aaaawwww ♥ A pity the clip lasts only 50 seconds. ^_^ But still, awesomely synchronized.
  19. Onuzim Ima

    Do you see manga Usagi as pansexual?

    If she was a pan, things might stick and burn on her... Or do you mean a Pan as a Creature in Greek Mythology? Only joking, I just don't really care about what her 'Polarity' may be. If you feel like she's strangling your nerves, in case of doubt just plain ignore her. :-)
  20. Onuzim Ima

    What's Your Favorite Form of Ami?

    *lol* Niiiice^^ Deathbuster Ami. ♥ This is also pretty much how I imagine her Dark Empress Outfit to look like. :-) Any chance to somehow get to see the whole thing?