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  1. rgveda99

    Random Sailormoon Fandom WTFs!!!!

    :siren: Post some of the crazy, funny and :wtf: stuff the moonie fandom does. :siren:
  2. rgveda99

    Sailor Dim Sum

    As what Rika posted a few months ago in the reference thread. Enjoy. :P:redghost::blueghost::yellowghost::purpleghost::orangeghost::greenghost::pinkghost::group hug:
  3. rgveda99

    Do you like drama in Sailormoon?

    Tell us some of your favorite drama scenes or how you would change certain scenes.
  4. rgveda99

    Space and Sailormoon

    When fantasy meets reality. This thing here is called the "Death Comet." Skull-shaped ‘death comet’ asteroid will fly by Earth after Halloween
  5. rgveda99

    A Controversial Review of 90's VS Crystal

    She's entitled to her opinion but that Break Up Arc opinion of hers gets on my nerves. :O Also she admittedly skipped episodes. :umno:
  6. rgveda99

    Was this supposedly the Tau system got its name from?

    Did Ms. Porsche/Ferrari got the name from this star system? ^_^ :question: ^_^