90s NA Style Guide.

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May 2, 2007
This guy worked on licensing Sailor Moon merch to DiC in the 90s. On twitter he posted a couple of sheets of the style guide.

José Muñoz (@ringslinger) Tweeted:
@MinakoMoments Happy to pass along. Just had to sleep on it to remember where it was. Here's Tuxedo Mask and the Cats.

FYI. Toei had no official colors for the characters at the time. We had to send them a Pantone book and have them select the colors. https://t.co/gXPe2jQgHX

José Muñoz (@ringslinger) Tweeted:
@MinakoMoments Found it. Here are the rest of the Scouts. https://t.co/8oWBGptua3
Nov 16, 2016
So this confirms that Mercury's hair is supposed to be dark blue, and not the greenish/dark teal color used in a lot of more recent merch.
That's the color used in the original cels. It's not supposed to come out green, but you can see it depending on the scanners or lighting.

I really wish whoever selected these colors noticed Usagi's ribbons and boots weren't supposed to be pure red, though. I always thought it made her look like an american flag and I HATED it. :P
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