A little bit of help for my fanfic

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Lumen Cinereum
Jul 22, 2009
Hi guys I have said this before but for my Sailor Moon fanfic specifically with my Sailor Sun aka Hina Kusaka from PGSM and her 4 Symbols Senshi who themselves are based on the 4 Gods of various East Asian religions which fans of Fushigi Yuugi might recognize. To those in the know about Chinese Astrology the 4 Gods represented regions in the sky and ruled over constellations. Each of the 4 Gods had Seven Stars they ruled over. However in reading this page dedicated to Chinese Astrology it was said that the "Center" which was associated with China also had some Stars or Constellations it was said to rule over and they were listed here with Japanese names.

CENTER, Synonymous with China itself
Tenkyoku (Chinese = Pangu, Pan Ku, P’an Ku).
Associated with virtue of benevolence. The seishuku (constellations) are:
  1. Taishi Boshi
  2. Tei Boshi
  3. Shoshi Boshi
  4. Koukyuu Boshi
  5. Kyoku Boshi
  6. Shiho Boshi
  7. ????
P’an Ku
Exerpt from “Chinese Mythology: An Encyclopedia
of Myth and Legend” by Derek Walters, ISBN: 1855380803

The legendary architect of the universe. Oddly enough, the story of how P’an Ku created the universe is now so firmly established in Chinese folklore, it would be forgivable to assume that the story of P’an Ku was one of China’s earliest legends. However, the great philosopher Ssu-ma Ch’ien makes no mention of it, and in fact P’an Ku does not make his appearance until the 4th century AD. The legend, ascribed to the brush of Ko Hung (Kung) is likely to have been a tale imported from Southeast Asia. It is highly unlikely that it would have been fabricated by a Taoist writer such as Ko Kung, because it would have been second-nature to an educated Chinese writer to introduce established characters of Chinese mythology, but none are present. The date of its composition may be even later, as its first appearance may not be earlier than the 11th century Wai Chi (Records of Foreign Lands). The substance of the legend is that P’an Ku chiselled the universe for eighteen thousand years, and as he chiselled, so he grew himself, six feet every day. When his work was complete, his body became the substance of the universe: his head became the mountains, his breath the wind. From his eyes the sun and moon were made, while the stars were made from his beard. His limbs became the four quarters, his blood the rivers, his flesh the soil, his hairs the trees and plants, his teeth and bones the rocks and minerals, and his sweat the rain. Finally, the lice on his body become the human race. In China, he holds the hammer and chisel with which he formed the universe, and is surrounded by the Four Creatures (tortoise, phoenix, dragon, and unicorn. <end quote by Derek Walters

I have recognized the names of the Seven Stars for the 4 Gods they are easily researched on wikipedia but I have never seen the center which this article equates with P'an Ku but I have also seen referred to as the Yellow Dragon having Stars or constellations. If anyone knows anything about these supposed stars or constellations please tell me as I have looked online and found nothing.
Shijin (Shishin) - Four legendary Chinese creatures protecting the four compass directions