A Starlights speculative idea

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Lumen Cinereum
Jul 22, 2009
Listening to that clip someone posted from the Italian dub mixing the female Starlights song with the male Starlights song gave me an idea. I have long said that I wasn't to thrilled with the Starlights as characters. I resented them for taking the Outers spot as main characters in Sailor Stars but I also found them reductive. For one they were women who disguised themselves as men in the manga and women who literally changed themselves into men as a disguise in the 90s anime for the silly reason of saying they thought it would be easier to attract their princess as a boy band. Which is nonsense as if Princess Kakyuu knew them on Kinmoku in their female forms, wouldn't that be what she expected them to look like. I also found it reductive as we all ready had the whole butch woman who dressed as a man with Haruka and Haruka was done way better. I have even said I would have rather the Starlights have been male in both forms and maybe be Starlight Knights and male Senshi. I mean Tuxedo Mask set the precedent for their to be male Senshi and it was ridiculous for the show to not have any other male Senshi aside from him aside from him as he set the precedent for it. Plus it would be an interesting dynamic. For instance Sailor Moon was guarded by an all female team namely the Inner and Outer Senshi, Sailor Chibi Moon was also guarded by an all female team with Sailor Saturn and the Sailor Quartet. In Parallel Sailor Moon Kousagi was guarded by the Inners daughters again an all female team. Tuxedo Mask again as far as we know the only male Senshi (the only other possible male Senshi being MC Fly from the early Sailor Stars myus) was guarded by the Shitennou an all male team. So it would have been interesting to say have a female Senshi Princess Kakyuu aka Sailor Kakyuu being guarded by an all male team of Knights.

However this isn't that concept. I had another idea let's say Sailor Stars was done a bit differently. In this version the Outers are as big a presence and a main role as the Inners and Starlights. Including Sailor Saturn whom for instance I could picture maybe baby sitting and befriending Chibi Chibi since she misses Chibiusa and even goes to Chibiusa's school and befriends Momoko and Kyuusuke with Setsuna as the school nurse. The Haruka, Michiru and Setsuna would also live with Professor Tomoe and help him raise Hotaru and even possibly have Setsuna and Professor Tomoe become a couple. I could even see Hotaru being hostile to Seiya and trying to steer Usagi away from him due to her concern for her friend Chibiusa's future. However I digress as this isn't about the Outers I just wanted to say that in this version they would be important.

No this version is about the Starlights. Let's say in this version there are 6 Lights not 3. Basically like in the Italian dub the Sailor Starlights are the twin sisters of Seiya, Yaten and Taiki. Seiya, Yaten and Taiki are themselves not Senshi but rather aid their sisters in what ways they can and are of course totally male. Let's say the 6 Lights are a singing group with all Three Sets of twins as singers. In this story Seiya still does pursue Usagi and is a heterosexual male. Yaten would be gay however Taiki can be whatever you want him to be.

My question would be how would you do their sisters. What would their names and personality's be and how would they react to say Sailor Moon, the Inners, Outers and each other. How would say Seiya's sister react to him going after Usagi etc.

Which interesting for the sisters I imagine that they wouldn't have the same names as their brothers. Because contrary to what some think Kou is actually the Three Light's first name not their family name. So I would imagine for instance that Seiya's sister would have a female name with Seiya as her last name. So in a hypothetical situation how would you have done the Sailor Starlight's sisters if they were in the story, had civilian identities, and were even in a band with their brothers. What names would you give them, what personalities would they have and how would the relate to their brothers, each other, their Princess and the Earth Senshi?