Act 23 Opinions

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Lapis Lunaris
Feb 22, 2004
ousouji said:
dodgerfan said:
Ayaka (who's TINY) and Keiko ARE the two oldest actresses! They'll both be 18 this Summer!
See? If Venus was really the princess, then her love with Endymion would at least be legal..... :grey:
:lol: But in this live action, everybody's age are all "illegal".
Supposedly, Mamoru would be 17, with all the senshi being 14. Hina would be around Mamoru's age, having grown up with him (then again, she can be slightly younger).

If Mamoru was 18, it would count as statutory rape in the States and would clearly be illegal. I don't know what the laws are in Japan, but if we based it on American standards -- and I doubt that when it comes to reality -- and morals or whatnot, it would kinda be illegal.

It's crazy because prostitution is hypothetically all over Japan, from the stories I've heard. I won't talk about that, though. Trying to keep this a PG-13 rated thread, you know?

Finally done with my 300th post... *sighs heavily*


Lapis Lunaris
Feb 21, 2004
is minako dying?? what's her "condition"?? I'M SO CONFUSED!! T_T

Kerochan no Miko

Knight Radiant
Staff member
Site Admin
Feb 29, 2004
It's a brain tumor shaped just like the ginzuishou, and Minako's head is going to split open so that Chibiusa can spring forth fully (well, halfway) grown all Athena-like, and then she'll be the 'new senshi' showing up in April, and then they find a mysterious transfer student also named Minako who just happens to be the new Sailor Venus.

I'm not making this up! Really! :P