Act.32 - Official Discussion Thread

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Luna Nova
Jun 30, 2013
Accoding to Fred Francis, Shino Kakinuma, voiced Naru in the 90s, returns to voice Hotaru's mother. and boy what a powerful epsiode, no, i didn't cry at Hotaru scenes :cry: These metal parts looked painful, the way they were part of skin...
Apr 18, 2016
Massachusetts, USA
I loved the music and plot of this episode! I especially liked the music that was playing the background by the time Moon, Chibi-Moon, and Tuxedo Mask were on the condo roof and played in the background of Moon Spiral Heart Attack's music while Moon was performing that attack. Also, I thought the hail was creative :)
Cyprine's voice actress was great! I really liked all of the Witches 5's voice actresses, especially Viluy and Cyprine. I think I almost sided with Cyprine because of her voice :lol:
I disliked the animation quality of this episode. At one point, Sailor Uranus' eyes were obviously out of position. It was in the beginning when Pluto, Neptune, and Uranus were explaining themselves to Princess Serenity. Neptune and Uranus were zoomed in on, and Neptune was talking. Also, when Sailor Moon was holding the Holy Grail in the air after her tiara turned into a moon symbol, her face seemed to be drawn awkwardly.
Another thing that I didn't like was how Princess Serenity was in Neo-Queen's dress. To me, that seems like that should have been saved for when Super Sailor Moon changed into Neo-Queen Serenity and saved the world. She turned into Neo-Queen Serenity because she needed to do something important, so this episode, she should not have turned into Neo-Queen in my opinion.
Altogether, I liked this episode, but the animation was definitely a downside.
Edit: I seem to be in the minority for liking the Inners vs Outers battle :lol:


Lapis Lunaris
Apr 25, 2016
Kind of an eh episode. The animation didn't really bother me like others here. Maybe it was a bit simpler line wise. Although sometimes Haruka's face looked kinda wonky in some straight on shots. And perhaps the cyborg elements on Hotaru's body were a bit poorly drawn.

Glad that "Ribbon Buster" was said. The reuse of scenes from previous episodes (the kitchen/living room one in the Tsukino house from act 27.1 and the lab scene from the prior act) was odd.

The battle between the senshi was underwhelming and not-so-epic. I did enjoy seeing Cyprine knocking Uranus and Neptune down, though.

Side question: So Mercury Aqua Mist also generates water? I know Mercury attacked Zoisite in the first season with that (awesome) yet unvoiced blast of water on the rooftop. Was that Mercury Aqua Mist, too? Or just a generic elemental attack? I guess I assumed Mercury Aqua Mist in this continuity was only for generating some (cold) fog. Maybe the animators intended to use Shine Aqua Illusion, but didn't have time to redraw it.

Next week's episode is hopefully better.
Jul 31, 2012
Outer Space
I think Mars Snake Fire made the mist turn into more like water. Then again Mercury can control her power greatly and it so happens that Shine Aqua Illusion is probably more power because it is a stronger jet of cold ice-like water.

I always love how Haruka shuts the Inners up by saying they are getting in the way. :mischief:
May 14, 2016
I had high hopes considering how flawless the last episode was but this one was just...bad. I mean, not season 1 bad or anything but it wasn't that great in my opinion. I'm usually not very critical of anime, even Sailor Moon, but I was really distracted by all the things wrong with it, which is a shame because it could have been a great episode.

The animation wasn't bad but wasn't good, but also - what was up with them reusing so much footage? I didn't pick up on the kitchen scene but the lab scene really stood out to me. It was blatantly obvious that it had been reused which I think was really disappointing. Also, does anyone else think the "evil" senshi were incredibly cheap looking? I mean, they could have something other than add little red dots to their eyes. It looked

Also, pacing. That's it, just...pacing. It was disappointing how a lot of Hotaru's backstory was brushed off but the scene of her in the bedroom was great. I definitely don't think it's the fault of the producers, but the fact that they're sticking to a 1:1 ratio. A show can be faithful to the manga and still add additional scenes, as well as change up the pacing. I don't think Naoko's manga is paced well to begin with so turn that into an anime and it all seems way too rushed.

Besides all that, I still thought it was a good episode. I only wish they would show more of Hotaru's father, he's such an interesting character and I liked what they had going on in the previous episode.

Hopefully the next episode will be better - it looked good from what I saw!


Lapis Lunaris
Mar 21, 2016
SolidTitania said:
This episode was a bit disappointing because nothing really happened at all but thats how I felt. And I dislike the use of stock footage so many times especially hearing Usagi say 'Neo queen serenity lend me your power' gets annoying. I noticed how they reuse backgrounds and animation from previous eps that was extremely disappointing...

6/10 to be fair.
Literally same. Worst episode of the season thus far. Wanted so much more. The Neo queen thing super annoying. Honestly they should've cut out chibi moon's attack and shown SSM transformation instead and just replay it at the beginning of the next episode.


Lapis Lunaris
Jul 1, 2014
The episode definitely screamed studio Dub (act 14,18,22,26,27.1)I noticed within the first few minutes their usual trademarks- less lines, less shading etc.

Interestingly, this episode was helmed by the two key staff members that came in this season.
Jul 15, 2012
SailorSugababe said:
HOWEVER: they didnt show Pluto's transformation and we'll most likely wont get one this season anymore so i cant forgive them for not doing it even thougb they easily could've done that. Same with World Shaking and other non-animated outers attcaks
Yeah, I'm honestly super disappointed. Are we going to have to wait until Dream to see transformations for both Saturn and Pluto? That's so awful! :(
A lot of harsh reactions! Except for the design of the cyborg prosthetics and some of the reused footage (which honestly, I'm used to after so many Ikuhara's works) I thought it was great. I'm really excited for next week. I rantipoled at the sudden Chibiusa ending though, lol.


Lapis Lunaris
Apr 25, 2016

(Act 27.1 & Act 32)

They changed some things like what's on the toast, and Chibiusa's outfit. Also, no plate in 32, and Diana no longer has a shadow.

(Act 31 & Act 32)

Tomoe's position is different from the same point when Kaolinite holds her pen out like that.

(Act 27.1 & Act 32)

Usagi and Ikuko both have short sleeves now. Oh, and there's a different utensil.

Neon Genesis

Luna Crescens
Oct 31, 2015
I thought Cyborg Hotaru was definitely the highlight of the episode and I loved how creepy but tragic it was. The scene where Hotaru basically wishes she was dead was giving me Seramyu vibes. I don't think the 90s anime ever got this dark no matter how intense the series was to the point where a character wished they were dead. I was glad Crystal didn't waste our time with a pointless showdown between Uranus and Neptune and Sailor Moon over who the rightful ruler should be like the 90s anime did. That episode of the original always felt like pointless drama to me even before I read the manga so I was glad they cut to the chase and quickly pledged their allegiance to the princess and actually explained everything to her and that we didn't ahve to wait 38 episodes for them to treat Usagi like a leader. I was also really glad they kept the famous line from the manga where Neptune says Uranus is the Soldier of both genders as it was one of my favorite moments from the manga. I thought the flashback to Hotaru's mother was sad and I was glad we're getting more backstory on Hotaru. I don't think we even heard anything about Hotaru's mother in the 90s anime.

I thought Jupiter clashing with Uranus was cool and I loved that the Inners tried to save the Outers this time instead of the other way around. The serious drop in animation quality was definitely the poorest part of the episode. The recycled footage from previous episodes was so obvious and lazy. At least when Ikuhara uses stock footage he uses it in a way that's stylish and meant to have a symbolic message to it as opposed to just doing it just to be cheap. I was also disappointed we still didn't get Setsuna's transformation in this episode. I think if they were going to use just one transformation in this episode, they should have given us Setsuna's transformation instead of reusing Haruka's again. Even if Setsuna's was the only one they showed, if they just showed it, I think that alone would have made up for the animation issues for me for this episode. If they were being cheap with this episode so they can make the next several absolutely stunning, I can forgive them for just one bad episode, but I hope this isn't a sign they're starting to slip in quality.
Feb 8, 2014
I didn't like this episode as much as the others.

I loved the Hotaru scenes. Her cybernetic parts look so creepy, uncomfortable, and painful.

Normally I like stock footage, but here it is clear that they were just adding it in to fill time. The Inners attacks, Pink Sugar, and especially Moon Spiral were so long. Why even show the full Moon Spiral sequence if it's obvious that it's not going to work? But the shot of Cyprine from a rear view when blocking Moon's attack was so badass and also reminiscent to the 90s anime. I remember Eudia's death also was a 90s throwback. :lol:

I also thought it looked super odd how the fight reused the Jupiter punch scene and the Neptune mirror absorbing scene.

Like it was said before, they could've cut down on the stock footage for this episode to show Super Sailor Moon.

I don't mind the reuse of the kitchen scene, the Usagi running through the hall scene, and the lab scene, since they were barely noticeable (at least to me) until someone posted about it.

I really loved Cyprine and her Ribbon Buster attack.

I also loved Sailor Pluto's unnamed charge attack at the Inners. I like how she had a reddish aura in the attack and in the next episode preview instead of a purple one like the old anime did. That bothered me so much. Why did Pluto get a purple wand, purple nails, and purple aura and purple everything when she literally wears no purple and that's Saturn's color?

I hated how in the Kaolinite pool scene, she is represented by a purple light and in the previous episode Dead Scream is purple. Should've been reddish! lol. :angry:

And I don't mind that Sailor Pluto doesn't have a transformation this season, mostly because I prefer her super outfit better so it would be more of a hype to see her Crystal power transformation. Same with Saturn. Love her regular outfit, but I'd like to see a super form transformation since I like that outfit better. And it seems more organized in a way if Pluto and Saturn get their henshins next season.


Lumen Cinereum
Jan 7, 2014
Dark Kingdom
Salem Saberhagen said:
While I'm one of the few who doesn't see this as a bad episode by any measure, can I mention that the subs sucked? They're usually questionable but this time they were a total mess!
The subs have been pretty bad, but they probably have less time to work on them. I want this season to be dubbed!


Luna Crescens
Sep 13, 2009
Tampa, FL
So if Hotaru can mask the visibility of her cybernetic implants with the appearance of healthy skin, why does she need to cover herself up if her implant are already covered by the skin illusion?