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Jan 3, 2006
My text:
On her way to school, Usagi met a talking black cat named Luna.
And here is a new Sailor Moon story created by AI:
On her way to school, Usagi met a talking black cat named Luna. As Usagi saw her friend, Luna began to explain that Usagi wanted to be a magician in Japan. When Usagi didn't understand Luna's words at first, Luna told Usagi that she understood her friends' desire to be on a magic school team, but that she did not have time. Luna then changed her story to say that she saw Usagi being bullied around all day because she looked like the girl that didn't have a boyfriend. Just as Usagi wanted to go up to her, Luna told her that Luna didn't know why she did not want to be on her magic school's team. Usagi then realized that Luna had spoken about being a "lucky girl" on purpose before asking what her next course of action was.

After being told by Usagi that she had to choose between helping a girl and becoming a magician, Luna gave Usagi a note that stated, "It is not for me (or me alone) to judge you." Usagi then decided to take Luna's message to her friends to hear as a warning as to future events.

Usagi went to her childhood friend's dorm, but found that everyone is not well. The dorm became too crowded with guests, and Usagi had to stay behind on the couch. She discovered a boy, Hik...
Talk to Transformer

Feel free to play with with it and post responses here, if you get something interesting. :O
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Jan 21, 2017
my prompt: usagi is a girl

what he said:
usagi is a girl. But she is very mature. She's not going to let this turn her into a complete idiot."

Asuka's mind went blank while the girl smiled gently.

A girl whose body was covered by a greenish green garment. Her head was full of white hair in short golden slits. She wore an elegant outfit in her red short skirt with long black stockings, and boots that were black with red and white soles.

"She seems to really be a very sweet, cute and pure-hearted boy, isn't she."

The black-haired man that watched the girl from a distance said while shaking his head as well.

"Hahaha! Are those… shoes…? I mean, those are really quite comfortable."

In front of him, was an even girl clad in a high-quality and luxurious clothing. Her figure was just as a young girl, with her legs spread wide, the rest of which was covered by a long black dress. In her hand, was wearing this dress she wore with her slender backside as well as her thin body. Her face was round with an elegant smile.

"Now I know who to call. It's not a guy. This is… a girl."

While looking at Makoto, Kazusa muttered and laughed with a slight shake.

LOL I Can play with it when i get bored. that's perfect.
Jun 30, 2010
I put in the first sentence from some of my really bad, really old discarded fanfic. This is the result.

Prompt: “Another canister has arrived, your Highness,” reported a servant.

"Another canister has arrived, your Highness," reported a servant. "In it is a copy of a paper on the subject of the administration of justice, and a statement on the rights of the citizens. The contents are quite a bit different than what is presented in the papers."

"What is the case?" the Emperor inquired.

"I can say that my Highness ordered the executions of six men found guilty of offenses under various articles of the Penal Code, with punishments of up to 10 years in prison. They were not executed on the spot, but on the following day, for lack of sufficient evidence." The servant stood up. "How do you plan to bring down the regime?" The Emperor pointed to a large picture of Saint Basil in the Emperor's office near the wall of his palace. "This picture has a drawing which shows the punishment which individuals, the nobility, and the masses are sentenced to in the kingdom of the Emperor and the kingdom of the Holy Roman Empire."

"If they do not die, the punishment will be inflicted on an assembly of people assembled here. As for the capital punishments, they are only available for men and women." The servant looked at him. "Then I shall see you shortly."

Prompt: Prince Darien crouched behind a crate.

Prince Darien crouched behind a crate.

At least two of the crates opened without a trace, revealing a long, flat shaft of dark metal that curved inwards like the edge of an enormous blade. Three of the cylinders had a large opening near the inside, but they all held dead soldiers—the soldiers they turned into bombs, who were supposed to be incinerated once their deaths were complete. Darien was on his heels, his voice steady and collected: "There is no hope here... I'm sorry..."

Then the shaft ended, and the ground shook around them.

"There is no hope here, my Master..."

"That is not true... no hope left... nothing to hope for after you have destroyed your home."

And at that moment, the floor of the prison cracked, the walls collapsed, doors opened, a tunnel of light emerged from the ceiling, and a man, cloaked in pure white, rose through the black void to confront Dorian. The man had been alive for nearly half a century.

" do not believe me...?" Darien began. "Do not lie."

Dorian, like most of the men of his generation, had been a man of some means: a warrior, a gambler, and a diplomat-cum-soldier. But his heart was pure: it was always the

Prompt: On a quiet early Friday afternoon, the mighty sun sent his loving light rays to the planet Earth.

On a quiet early Friday afternoon, the mighty sun sent his loving light rays to the planet Earth. Just a moment later, the Sun turned from a beautiful blue hue to a crimson hue and headed toward the sun with the same intense intensity. The Sun's luminous light also began to shine onto the rocky moon. The moon appeared to be a sparkling, red-colored comet – another celestial entity, similar to the Sun. However, as I watched in awe and amazement, I was soon blinded. I was only able to detect a bright comet that was now slowly receding toward Earth. At the same time, the sun also turned from a brilliant, beautiful red hue back to its original glowing blue.

In about an hour, a few images of the sun, Moon, and comet quickly shot across the morning's headlines. In the following days, many of the media outlets covered the news. This story began to be circulated among the readership and created several theories that were later found to be correct or incorrect. However, in our view, if these are the results of divine control, then we should celebrate as a divine entity that, just like this, is able to manifest as beautiful images. If we look at some of the ancient and modern times, we see similar stories of divine intervention and power. Just when the universe seemed to be doomed, it miraculously appeared at the last

Prompt: Serena lied lazily upon the couch in her living room, dreamily gazing at the ceiling.

Serena lied lazily upon the couch in her living room, dreamily gazing at the ceiling. Her eyes were closed, her mouth closed, but in between them they were dancing like dancers. "Shes gone to bed," they sang at once, "she was so kind."

"I don't care," said Serena. "It's nice to feel that again."

"I'd kill to go in there tonight, Serena. It's cold, really cold. I like being outside."

"You're crazy. I'm tired." The silence of the night was too perfect for Serena, and she had been wrong all too often before. On her way to bed that night Serena had fallen asleep in the arms of a cute teenager. She had been right all too often about those teenagers, but that seemed to have never happened at any of her friends' houses the last six years. Serena wondered what had been wrong with both of them before tonight, and why it felt so odd. The two girls were now on different sides. Serena felt as tired as she ever had, but she couldn't say that she actually was tired. Her mind went blank, but she made up for lost time by dancing with Serena.

By eight:

Seth was standing in the corridor with the girl in his arms. "Dude

Prompt : As usual, the night sky flourished in the absence of clouds, but only a tiny slice of it was visible from a room on the west wing of the hospital.

As usual, the night sky flourished in the absence of clouds, but only a tiny slice of it was visible from a room on the west wing of the hospital.

While we've lost a good many, most were children or teenagers whose lives have been impacted in the tragic events of the hour. A couple of days ago, I had the opportunity to meet some of these children's dads and their parents as well as the first responders trying to save their lives. Those meetings were very informative and touched my heart with hope that there were some things we can do to prevent future tragedies.

As the events in Syria unfold, one of the most heartbreaking things for me was the plight of my two daughters, now in their early teens. My wife and I have not been able to see their mother since Thursday. I can't help but feel like we are in for more family tragedies in this country over the next few months.

I will share more to my supporters as we approach the beginning of January and hope to send you a series of updates throughout the rest of the month.

We have always supported the president's order and I expect him to continue doing so.


Prompt: Sailor Moon was in trouble.*

Sailor Moon was in trouble.

Her mother was very angry that the sun was gone from the sky, and she had gone on an adventure as a child. When she arrived at her family home she saw that a giant monster had attacked a girl named Hanekawa. While they waited for the police to arrive she found that she had been caught in a magical flower bath which changed her into a giant flower that could control the weather and change even the size of the sun and moon.

That was when she became aware of a curse to become stronger and stronger as she grew up. It came from Hana, and Hana cursed a girl who had a daughter that was to become known as the Goddess (The Sunflower) of Darkness and the Moon (The Moonflower) of Darkness. Since they were only children of the same family they were the target of all the negative emotions of being raised inside the shadows and darkness.

At first, the child didn't want to go home but at the last second she agreed on her contract with the moonflower. Since she knew her family's problems, she agreed to take Hana's place in order to take care of her while they were off to school. She was allowed to stay with Hana a limited amount of time, and when she would go home, she would take care of her family until she returned. Hana
*Note: My initial responses for "Sailor Moon was in trouble." in a line by itself resulted in everything from a completely bonkers description of DBZ where Frieeza kidnapped Bulma "to serve as his replacement" to fake descriptions of other anime.
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Aug 30, 2010
With Sousuke Sagara
My response to Usagi was the Moon Princess.

Usagi was the Moon Princess. She was the daughter of the Moon King and his wife, and had her mother's features.

She is a very intelligent young girl that could wield powerful magic, and can do almost anything she wants. She is always happy, with a bright and cheerful personality. She loves playing with all her friends, especially Umi. She is always cheerful and energetic like her brother, and is always looking for something to do. Umi likes to sing often, but she also likes to listen to music. Because of her love for music, she can often be found talking with her older sister.

In the OVA, Satsuki often sings with them, making them much harder for everyone else in their family to listen to. She even takes notes on what they do. Umi is also very affectionate to Satsuki; she plays piano in Umi's room, and makes her come to her piano-playing lessons. She loves talking to Umi and listens to her music, so Umi takes notes on every moment without letting her listen to others.

Umi is a good kid. She is good at everything that she does. As shown when she and her friends fought the Demon God that had become one of them, she has a huge heart. She is friendly, cheerful, and has a wonderful sense of humor. As the moon
Mar 8, 2012
Makoto decided she no longer wanted to be Sailor Jupiter; she wanted to join the Witches 5. She and her friends decided to join their school's witch club and formed a team. She was invited along by the Witch 5, who was later revealed to be Sailor Senshi. Sailor Jupiter was introduced to the group, with her seeing her as her partner: they bonded over their love for sharing life.

Powers and Abilities

She has abilities that allow her to communicate telepathically, but not in the ways that her counterpart possesses. She is also powerful enough to lift around 100 tons. In addition, she can also wield her hammer, which she calls "Tail, the Sword", capable of shattering most objects. She is able to wield both weapon when she is using her sword-style ability to protect herself. The other arm she wields is connected to a belt around her waist, to prevent her from slipping, though she states she can lift 100 tons.

Although Sailor Jupiter does possess magical abilities, she lacks the same power as her original form, due to being forced to use "Soul Food" to keep herself active in her new form, while her body is being drained away.


Sailor Jupiter does not have any real romantic relationships, instead only having platonic interests with other members of the group. Due to this, they


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Jul 6, 2018
Minako and Rei kissed passionately in front of shocked homophobic Usagi.Usagi gave a loud shout and grabbed her boyfriend by the neck. Then Minako threw her arm around Rei and they walked out of the kitchen, leaving Usagi standing on top of her boyfriend. "I didn't like that one", said Usagi. :happy: ( Disclaimer : I don't think Usagi is homophobic)
Jun 30, 2010
Okay, I get it now. You have to feed this thing an actual prompt.


In another universe, Sailor Mars and Sailor Mercury fell in love. They became parents.

After a while, the evil Sailor Moon disappeared.

With the new Moon and Neptune's help, they discovered the truth about who gave the Sailor Moon powers. They discovered that they weren't real, but just people who didn't know the truth.

Now, the Moon family is on their way to finding a place in the next universe – because in that universe, they wouldn't have any children.

The bad news.

And now we've reached the best part. When that's all settled, Earth is still in peril because there's actually no safe place for anyone to be.

The Moon family must travel to a planet they've never heard of called Earth. It's a world they might know because they've gone on a mission once or twice before to visit the Planet Venus and discover what the rest are really like.

What are the Moon families really like? Is Earth really a good place to be?

No one knows for sure.

This is going to sound extremely strange, but I want you to understand something. There's no other reality for this show. I love what Sailor Moon did. She was so bold.

But the Moon Family doesn't have to stay together, or get married. If anything, they have to move


Sailors Neptune and Sailor Uranus are separated and taken prisoner by a demented cloaked figure who forces them into a magical contract. The contract allows them neither to attack or escape and allows him to steal their magic gems, making them more dangerous than ever due to their lack of individuality. However, the agreement may lead to problems when the masked figure begins attacking the sailors. The Sailor Soldiers soon take the masked figure to the castle of the masked figure which leads to a battle ensues where the Sailor soldiers and the masked figure are all tied to each other. The Sailor Soldiers are freed by a magical sword and begin their quest on an adventure of adventure and friendship as they try to get back to their home world. Written by Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Queen Beryl decided to turn good and the Dark Kingdom became known as the Light Kingdom. For some, the Light Kingdom became known more as the Dark Kingdom and the Kingdom of the Black Mirror. Many years ago, when the Princess of the Mirror Kingdom was preparing to leave for the Light Kingdom, she accidentally touched the sword of her Master. While in the Mirror Kingdom, Beryl fell madly in love with an evil Master, who had the idea to marry Beryl before she saw anyone else. The Black Mirror Master began living a life of luxury, while he was imprisoned, and as she slowly started to grow jealous of her Master's true love. Beryl, having been unable to control her actions, ended up getting jealous of the man she felt was her true love.

After his transformation into the Black Mirror Emperor , Kefin was reborn in the shadow of his Dark and Light rival, Lord Deathwing who, during his first attack against the Light Kingdom, managed to send one of Beryl's illusions into the palace gates with a force-field, preventing Beryl and Deathwing from exiting. In the chaos that followed, the palace gates exploded and several of the princess' guards were killed. Kefin, enraged by this, summoned the entire army of the Mirror Kingdom towards the Dark Kingdom, but they were unable to resist his power, and he was easily subdued. Kefin


After Sailor Moon purified the Makaiju, the aliens stayed on Earth as Seijuro and Natsumi, and Seijuro fell in love with Makoto. The Makaiju and the planet are now a peaceful country but it is only because of a sudden and unexpected attack between Makaiju. The leader of the Makaiju, the Makaiju Lord is revived and his goal is to defeat Sailor Moon, who was the original Sailor Jupiter and she is the successor to Sailor Jupiter. After Sailor Moon saves the planet, the whole Makaiju army is killed.

Episode 2

When Tuxedo Mask, a Makaiju, awakens, he comes to Earth to take Makoto as his prisoner. While searching in a forest to locate Sailor Moon's bracelet that could prevent her from killing the Makaiju and Sailor Jupiter, the Mask falls in love with Makoto and gives her his body. While searching around in a forest, Tuxedo Mask meets a mysterious Makaiju who has been watching him. This mysterious Makaiju is called the "Manchu" and he tells Tuxedo Mask to not worry, he is not trying to find out what he wants and to just find his sister. However during the search, the Mask falls in love with Mignola. As the Makaiju army tries to capture him, Serenity, Sailor Moon


And finally...


Minako, Haruka, and Michiru travel to London, only to find a city gone mad under the influence the revived Death Busters. They decide to follow the leader of the organization, the Black Moon Busters, to find out the story behind each of their names.



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Dear me, I broke it!

EDIT: So I don't double post, I've decided to also experiment with dialogue and script format. It took a while for it to stick, but here's one result.

Haruka: The enemy won't stop coming after the princess.
Michiru: The tides are rising and say it's time to protect her with our pure hearts.
[Michiru clutches her mirror as Haruka touches the cross on her necklace.]
Haruka: And after we say our prayers at night, we fight!
[Haruka clutches her sword.]

Haruka: ……I love you, Michiru…
[After her eyes have settled onto Michiru, Haruka smiles sadly.]
And all the while she's in my arms like this… I can feel the power of my love. That's a power that no one can resist.
And here I am again with you. I will be a beautiful thing to have.
[Karin and Haruka enter the shrine together. Haruka then kneels to her idol and holds it up to the moon's glare. As the moon's light comes closer, she stares at the moon once again. She stops kneeling then walks away. She then says:]
[Karin looks at Haruka's smile.]
Karin: Ah… What a wonderful face! Asriel's always had the look of an angel. He's probably thinking about you a lot.
[Karin and Haruka have gotten closer.]
Maki: The girl from before was the same old Haruka. She

Now let's try this without the descriptive actions.

Haruka: The enemy won't stop coming after the princess.
Michiru: The tides are rising and say it's time to protect her with our pure hearts.
Haruka: And after we say our prayers at night, we fight!
We're here to protect the princess, we're not going to let them down!
Michiru: Aah!? Then let's protect her until tomorrow in the morning! " " "Aiya, you'll be able to defeat me! " " — Haruka and Michiru
Haruka: That's a plan! It will be a match made in heaven. So what's your plan, Michiru?
Haruka: I have something I want to show you all. I want you to be my match!
Michiru: A match made in heaven...? Really!?
Haruka: Well... I have a pretty big secret to hide.
Michiru: ...
Haruka: If you were to try and tell me the truth...
It was just like what you said yesterday, and it really surprised me that I could understand that she cared about me so much.
But the truth is, Michiru is only a girl.
A girl who is a coward!
Haruka: Uhhh...
Michiru: She doesn't think that if she comes down with the disease as well
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Jun 30, 2010
I am bumping this because I found something that was a little more interesting. There's a branch of the Transformer prompt called Write With Transformer

First, here's a sample with the Talk to Transformer site:

The Scouts lose their memories after the battle with Beryl. Before anybody remembers or learns anything, Serena and Alan fall in love with each other.Later, Serena has a crush on Alan and they break the news.

In the next few minutes, both of them tell him everything they know.

After the battle with Beryl, the rest of the Scouts and Alan are all shocked to hear that Beryl is now dead. Serena finds out about this while on the train, she says that after she tells him everything she knows and they share a kiss, Beryl will always take away Alan's memories. As Serena and Alan were getting ready to return home shortly after this, they suddenly hear of Alan's death, Serena has forgotten about it all, and she can no longer remember anything about the night that happened. Her mom arrives on the scene and Serena and her mom are both surprised when they arrive there, which makes them both get upset. The last moments of Serena and her mom's lives were very rough, she didn't want anyone else to suffer as she did, but was in pain. Serena was afraid for her life, she cried and cried for days, until finally Beryl showed up, killed the two other Scouts, and saved her life through her powers.

In the third episode Serena and her mom were playing around on the living
Now, let's see what happens with the Write With Transformer prompt:

The Scouts lose their memories after the battle with Beryl. Before anybody remembers or learns anything, Serena and Alan fall in love with each other. They later meet and become a couple, though. Unfortunately, Alan has to send out a Cardian to get energy for himself and Ann. Serena is unwittingly targeted in the attack and regains her memories and becomes Sailor Moon. She eventually is revealed to be a member of the Scouts and goes into hiding, and Alan determined to find her.

However, she is saved by Lina from the Beryl clan and later returns to Serena, and the two of them go to the Moon, where she meets again with her mother, Queen Serenity. She reveals that she is going to become a Scout again and has a mission to take on the Beryl clan's members. Since Alan is a member of the Beryl clan, she has to fight him. She returns to Earth, alongside her new ally Lina, to help awaken the other Sailor Scouts.

The first Sailor Scout to be restored is Sailor Mercury. However, it is not until after Sailor Mercury's first mission and the release of the Sailor Moon Card that Sailor Moon learns of the Cardians that can impersonate Sailor Scouts. The second Sailor Scout is Sailor Zamasu, who is an Earth-shaper, but only after he and the other gods use their power do they realize that Alan, a green-skinned, pointed-eared humanoid born of a tree, was once an Earth-shaper, too.

They learn that Sailor Zamasu has made his own way to the Moon and that he is being sent to Earth, but with the goal to cleanse of all sentient mortal life and to begin it anew, not to save humanity.

Sailor Mercury is given the title of "Red Moon", as the Earth-shaper notes that her planet is small and close to the Sun. Sailor Moon's next assignment is to rescue Alan from the Beryl clan of Earth-shapers to stop them from destroying humanity.

Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury, and Sailor Zamasu are assigned the mission of rescuing Alan from the Beryl clan, and the latter two are unaware of the third's omnicidal dream. Sailor Zamasu appears to be an Earth-shaper and attempts to save Alan from Beryl, but Alan counters with his Cardians and absorbs Sailor Zamasu's energy. Sailor Zamasu is rescued from Beryl, but does not understand the situation, and is eventually killed by Sailor Moon. Alan is freed from the Beryl clan, and he and Serena live happily ever after.
Hmm, this is very very interesting. Using both services, I was able to come up with a drabble.

Hotaru and Chibi-Usa took a walk together in the zoological gardens. Chibi-Usa commented on how her father used to take her out for ice cream and how she never got tired of it. The two reminisced about how they got together at the first zoo they went to. Chibi-Usa told Hotaru that she wanted to play her part in a "heroic" anime of their favorite characters. She also revealed that she really liked the animals here, but the heat and humidity of the day became too much for Hotaru. The two of them sat on a bench.

"Do you need a few more minutes?" Chibc-Usa asked.

"I don't like stopping, Chibi-Usa. Even after being reborn, I can still get weak," she explained. "But I have to do my best. This place deserves to be loved like I love."

Chibi-Usa smiled, "Well, it's not bad, but it's not all bad."

"But it is bad. I don't wan to be a burden." Hotaru sighed. "It would be nice if you had a little time for you."

"I'll do what's good for you."

Hotaru laughed, then said, "Chibi-Usa, I think it's time for me to start looking for a new friend, because I'll wear you out!"

Hotaru and Chibi-Usa looked at each other for a long moment and then shared a hug in the thick, sticky, smelly air.
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