Anyone rewatching Sailor Moon in quarantine?

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Jun 21, 2010
I binged Crystal's "Black Moon" and "Infinity" arcs on Hulu last month while I was awaiting my COVID-19 test results (it took forever for those results to come in, but that's a story for another day).

Besides that, I've watched a few episodes of the '90s anime here and there recently.


Lumen Cinereum
Apr 1, 2020
Me, I absolutely love the friendship the old anime had shown us. The filler arc did a good job on the inner four, my impression of it has improved a lot.

The first few DK arc episodes was quite good, when Usagi was the only senshi, she got to use her mind and strength to deal with the enemy. I like that tape episode a lot, when she encouraged that pianist to express his love and not to be ashamed of his age. Such a sweet girl.
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May 10, 2020
Me! Getting near the end of Nephrite in Classic, and extremely stoked for the Zoisite episodes.
I'm thinking I might watch past R for the first time. I've never seen S, SuperS or Stars.

Also hoping to watch the "new" Myu (haven't seen any of the revival ones), and wanting to do a rewatch of PGSM. I really loved PGSM, but the thought of Sailor Luna always derails my rewatch attempts lol gotta push past it and pretend she doesn't exist XD

Also hoping to play through Another Story properly. I started years ago but never got very far in it.

I like actually have time for hobbies right now. So weird lol.