Art Theft and Tracing.

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Jul 21, 2003

On my eve of MissDramu, there are two things fans hate about fanart of this series: recolors and tracing.

Strange, whenever I doodle my OC, I used a Sailor Mars/Venus pic as reference. And there are YouTube that feature recolored OCs.
Anyways, after a deleted post on tumblr on how this crazy ***** had issues with me exposing her OC and mocking my site from a journal she posted, I thought I can forgive her.

My snarking levels are livid. And I'm already really paranoid due to IRL problems.

It's nice to see fellow moonies fight against a common enemy.


Luna Nova
Sep 24, 2017
I'll read about it later but I do want to mention something.

DeviantArt seems to have alooot of tracers and art thieves. It sucks big time when I see stolen art. The staff is just lazy with everything.

Edit: just read it and HOLY MOLEY 71 ARTISTS DUDE.
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