AsSIGNing the Remaining Sailors

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Systema Solare
Mar 8, 2012
While most of the Sailor Guardians have a known birthday and corresponding sun sign, many of them haven't, so I thought it might be fun to see what sign you think those "unassigned" Sailors would be.

Sailor Galaxia:
Sailor Phi:
Sailor Chi:
Sailor Lethe:
Sailor Mnemosyne:
Sailor Iron Mouse:
Sailor Aluminum Siren:
Sailor Lead Crow:
Sailor Tin Nyanko:
Sailor Heavy Metal Papillon:
Sailor Kakyu:
Sailor Ceres:
Sailor Pallas:
Sailor Juno:
Sailor Vesta:
Sailor Chaos:

Sailor Buttress:
Sailor Theta:
Sailor Pewter Fox:
Sailor Titanium Kerokko:
Sailor Astarte:
Sailor Luna:
Sailor Chuu:
Sailor Mermaid:
Sailor Coronis:
Sailor Mau:
Sailor Cocoon:

My assignments: (These are mostly random or based on what other Sailor they most remind me of as there isn't enough information for most of them to really go off on and try to be astrologically correct.)

Sailor Galaxia: Leo
Sailor Phi: Gemini
Sailor Chi: Gemini
Sailor Lethe: Cancer
Sailor Mnemosyne: Cancer
Sailor Iron Mouse: Libra
Sailor Aluminum Siren: Aquarius
Sailor Lead Crow: Scorpio
Sailor Tin Nyanko: Leo
Sailor Heavy Metal Papillon: Aries
Sailor Kakyu: Taurus
Sailor Ceres: Libra
Sailor Pallas: Virgo
Sailor Juno: Sagittarius
Sailor Vesta: Aries
Sailor Chaos: Capricorn

Sailor Buttress: Capricorn
Sailor Theta: Virgo
Sailor Pewter Fox: Sagittarius
Sailor Titanium Kerokko: Pisces
Sailor Astarte: Cancer
Sailor Luna: Cancer
Sailor Chuu: Libra
Sailor Mermaid: Pisces
Sailor Coronis: Aries
Sailor Mau: Cancer
Sailor Cocoon: Scorpio