Body Doubles?

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Feb 9, 2004
neko said:
steviematic said:
In the making of episode, you see Miyuu in front of the green (or was it blue) screen with her leg up to her hair for Moon Healing Escalation, so sometimes she does use her flexability I guess.
Yeah, I remember that. I freaked out when I saw that. I didnt' even think the "Healing Escalation" pose was real when I first saw it. It just seemed to insane to perform.
If you're a figure skating fan, these moves are a no-brainer. The healing escalation move is called a Biellman in ice skating, after Denise Biellman. The twilight flash move is done by Sasha Cohen. Check out Sasha Cohen. She's like liquid!

Also, see Alina Kobayeva, the queen of rhythmic gymnastics. You might cringe so be warned!