Building your perfect SM anime

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Feb 10, 2009
Sailor Moon has had a lot of adaptations, while they all cover the same general arcs they each have done something slightly different from the source material.

Taking all of these (OG anime, live action show, musicals, Crystal, manga)...what aspects of each would you take that would make the best version of a Sailor Moon anime (covering Dark Kingdom, etc...) for you?


Lumen Cinererum
Dec 1, 2020
From the original Sailor Moon I would take the comedy moments. This is where I feel the original anime shines. I would also take the slice of life feel. Also character developments for the villains. I’d also take the soundtrack. Perhaps remix it so it sounds more up to date.

I would take the overall storyline and mythos from the manga. There are some fascinating aspects in Stars like the Galaxy Cauldron and Sailor Cosmos which I would definitely expand upon.

From PGSM I would take the character development. All the inners had their moments in the spotlight and felt fully realized.

From Crystal I would take the real time action sequences and the title cards. I’d probably mix the real time action with a little something more action oriented like Precure.

Never seen the musicals so I can’t really comment. However there seem to be some interesting plot points and ideas that I would use.

I think I would have each season be about 20 episodes long which gives it enough time for there to be episodes that give more time for characters, motivations and ideas to be fleshed out. Not every episode needs to be action packed either. I’d have some quieter episodes, anime originals mixed with some of the side stories. I would also definitely give more backstories to the Outer Senshi as they lack them in all versions. Also make all the Senshi look powerful and important. No more leaving it to Sailor Moon or having them tossed around like rag dolls after one attack.
Feb 10, 2009
As far as TDK arc:
1. Animation of S3 Crystal
2. Dark Mercury arc of PGSM
3. 25 episodes
4. live attacks of Crystal S1
5. Music of DiC
6. Darkness of the manga
7. "redemption" of Nephrite in the OG show
8. Malachite/Zoisite relationship of OG show
9. Mars/Jadeite "romance" of manga