Creating Your Own Filler Arc for R

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Sep 5, 2019
So instead of regaining their memories in the first episode Usagi regain her memories after Naru gets attacked by a monster as is customary. Later episodes have Usagi seeking out Mamoru and the other Sailor Soldiers and helping them regain their memories due to their need to protect Usagi from harm.

The villains and their names I haven't worked out (this post is off the cuff) but the idea is they feed off of the pleasant and endearing memories that people treasure. Maybe one episode could have a guy on his day off spending the day with his daughter after picking her up from kindergarten. The monster steals the memory of his daughter so of course Usagi is gonna do something about it.

Think I'll post more after school when I've thought this through P-:

Edit 4/13: Gee it sure has been awhile since I was last on. I kinda sorta maybe completely forgot where I was going with this.... Oh well:-P
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Systema Solare
Jan 21, 2017
I enjoyed myself while thinking about it and haven't come up with a nice scenario. that's the best i could think

all senshi would have their own episodes where they gain their memory. it takes 5 episodes.

then they would fight with random monsters until 14th episode.
Jun 30, 2010
This one would depend on the parameters I was given.

If I had carte blanche, I'd adapt and truncate my discarded fanfic ideas. The Defenders of the Crystal Arc would feature Naru and Umino as temporary heroes who come into possession of Silver Crystal. They and allies would face off against Los Malvados, who would be a collection of Dark Kingdom castoffs instead of unaffiliated villains. I'd have to cut out a lot of the supporting characters, rearrange events, and streamline plots. I could easily do a 13-episode breakdown, but it is VERY OC heavy.

  1. Naru would get the Silver Crystal (and the Moon Stick) and become a temporary hero alongside Umino. Queen Serenity would act as a mentor and guide, with Luna and Artemis giving very occasional assists. It would be stressed from the start that this would only be until Usagi and crew re-awakened. The villains are still Los Malvados although unlike my fanfic idea, they would be explicitly Dark Kingdom castoffs. Their membership is slightly different as a lot of my OCs would be tied to them from the beginning. In the first episode, the ghost is Evelyn and fills the same role as she did in my fanfic, possessing Lisa*, an academic rival of Ami Mizuno. Because of the concatenation, everything is more straightforward than in "The Dark Side of the Moon." Lisa also doesn't have a full understanding of her origins just yet. She attacks Ami and Usagi more openly, leading to Naru and Umino using their powers against her (which as in the fanfic, leads to her absorbing them) and the Moon Stick to purify her As in the original fanfic, Lisa retains her memories, but is powerless, although she has a strange dream about leading a rebellion in the Silver Millennium.
  2. The second episode is essentially "True Terran" except with Janet Vaughn against the defenseless amnesiac civilian versions of the Sailor Team, as she has deduced their identities. Since those girls can't fight back, Naru and Umino would have to step in, but the two of them can't handle it alone. They get aid from an unlikely source, Ryo, whose visions of the future lead them to counter her attacks. Also, separate attacks on Makoto and Minako are respectively forestalled by Crane Game Joe and Cain, the latter who is actively a member of Los Malvados and Evelyn's subordinate. The villains realize that Janet could be bent to their cause and during a fight with Naru and Umino the villains reveal Janet's own past to her -- that she was from the Moon Kingdom, she died for them, and as a reincarnated person from the Silver Millennium she is not "human" either. She could then take revenge against the wielders of the Crystal for ruining her life, they argue, but instead, that has the opposite reaction. With the help of the Crystal, Janet accepts who she is - Aquamarine. She fights alongside the heroes.
  3. The third episode the equivalent of "Night of the Selenians" but with several elements from the summaries of "Concerting Disaster" and "Aquamarine." Queen Serenity explains that with each person awakened, the strain of the Crystal increases. There is only enough strength to awaken one more ally, one who has already been awakened since it is strained enough giving Naru and Umino powers since they weren't reincarnated Moon people. The only way to prevent this is for the Crystal to go back to is rightful owner, but Usagi does not want to accept it. Plus, once that happens, everyone will lose their powers. So in this episode, it is teased heavily that Minako will be awakened as Sailor V as she has fallen head over heels with Cain, Los Malvados lycanthrope. At the same time, Lisa begins to remember her former life, where she led an an army of beastmen against the Moon Kingdom, only to be trapped and then killed upon the Dark Kingdom's assault. You can gather what happens here. Lisa awakens instead of Minako, but Cain does not turn good here. At the same time time, the "stinger" is the attack by the vampiric figure who turns Michael into Shade. The big difference; Shade's first victim isn't a random friend. It's Mamoru.
  4. The next episode "Is Friendship Thicker than Water?" It would be fleshed out a little with some elements from "One if by Land, Two if by Air" and an added subplot about Usagi going to the hospital to see Mamoru but not knowing why she's connected to him, but essentially the same story.
  5. Next episode would be "Shade."
  6. ""Ill Met by Moonlight" is next, but instead of Cain being concerned about Minako (since in this continuity, he met her while she still had amnesia) he is wondering if Evelyn was telling the truth. The episode would be the same, except Cain would realize that Evelyn has been lying to him. However, he does not join the heroes but goes on his own way.
  7. Same as "No Need for Mona"
  8. Same as "The Kidnapping of Nicole Alexander" with minor changes
  9. This one is a two-parter. "Showdown at Nightfall" The major difference is that the civilian selves of the Sailor Team are involved, being targeted and kidnapped thanks to stolen intel from Janet's research.
  10. This would be the conclusion...except it would be different from my fanfic. Evelyn, the ghost, would be the ringleader. It is revealed that she wants the Crystal for the same reason that the heroes want it -- to reawaken Sailor Moon. However, she only wants to re-awaken Sailor Moon to destroy her, and worse yet, the temp heroes and even the former villains aren't powerful enough to stop the body-stealing ghost. Worse yet, Evelyn's motive is revealed; she was Kunzite's sister and wants revenge for not only her death, but the death of her brother. Unfortunately for Evelyn, Sailor Moon is more powerful and survives Evelyn's ultimate attack...and she is seemingly successful in destroying the ghost.
  11. Because there are no more Makaiju aliens, there's no the Visitor, but the next episode is of Naru and Umino coming down off the high of being heroes, with all of the characters re-assessing their heroics. Of course there's a monster attack from one remnant of Los Malvados, but is taken care of with healing, which turns that monster into a human.
  12. Seed of Evil Part 1 - Evelyn tries to take over Usagi. Instead they merge into a new entity.
  13. Seed of Evil Part 2 - The combined form of Evelyn/Usagi (Princess Nyx) battles the Sailor Team and the power of Naru and the others is needed one last time to save her.
Now if I had restrictions....I'll save that for later.

*Using my dubfic names because I have no idea of what Japanese names to use.
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Onuzim Ima

Aurorae Lunares
Aug 11, 2010
If it wasn't for the start, I'd say I'd have liked to see :ami: actually reside in Germany for a few Episodes, showing her doing her studies and having to fight her own set of local villains, proving to herself and the world that, after all, she's able to handle herself very well! :)
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