Digital Full Color Manga Release Announced

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Crystal Moon

Lumen Cinereum
Jul 11, 2013
^ She had pink hair in the Materials Collection though, as in Crystal, which is why I found the blonde a little surprising.
I think this is the case: The page I posted before was used as the cover of Act.12. If they want to use pink for Reika's hair, they have to correct the color on that page.
The same thing happened with Moon Stick. On the color page, it is white, there is no reason it appears to be pink on the next page. They have to remain the consistency as much as possible.
Mar 8, 2012
Finished going through volume 2. WHERE IS THE PRINT VERSION PLEASE?

Really curious how they're gonna handle Pluto. Her skintone comes off as very dark in the B&W art, but she's obviously not as dark in the color art work. Still, her complexion is a bit inconsistent, so I wonder how dark they'll make her. I'm already steeling myself for the inevitable "they whitewashed Pluto!" comments.