Do you guys remember Dreaming Moon(SM Cards Website)?

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Lapis Lunaris
Dec 29, 2018
Dreaming Moon had a lot of rare sailor moon cards with detailed information about the collection.
But I recalled that someone shared the scans without permission that upset the owner.
The website has now been down for years.
Do you moonies know where to find nice scan of SM cards?
besides threelights and minitokyo?



Lapis Lunaris
Aug 19, 2017
YESS!! I was just going through my old bookmarks this evening and was super disappointed to see that it's not there anymore ;_;. In fact now it's a Japanese blog? But I can't make out much >.>...

As far as I know, three-lights still has the best scans for cards though they're far from complete. (There were soooooooooo many released omg OTL.) One decent site I know of with some description of the sets is: Blue Moon Trading Cards but they're not HQ like three-lights. At least it gives you an idea of what's there!