Do you think its problematic to find the characters attractive?

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Systema Solare
Jul 22, 2009
It's not an exact parallel, but whenever I see this sort of topic come up it reminds me of the 90's debate over first-person shooter games. At the end of the day it's fiction, and the vast majority of people know the difference between shooting fictional characters and real people, and the difference between finding anime teens attractive and real-life teens attractive. There's a distinct disconnect between what people like in fiction and what they like in reality, I don't think shooting games would be popular if players felt like they were killing actual people, since most people would be extremely unsettled by that. Likewise, I don't think finding anime teens attractive is in any way comparable to finding real teens attractive, especially since no one in real life looks or acts like an anime character.
That is exactly what it is. The modern left wing SJW moral guardians are really no different from their right wing SJW and moral guardian equivalents. In fact the left wing moral guardians and censors have in many cases colluded with their right wing counterparts. We saw this when sex negative Marxist radical feminists like Andrea Dworkin and Catherine McKinnon sided with the religious right to ban things like porn, sex work, obscenity in media etc. Really there is no difference from SJW sex negative feminists like Anita Sarkeesian ( who dosen't even like video games and plagiarizes the video game tropes videos she uses with playthroughs from steamers) who whines and calls video games sexist just for having sexy women and even for contradictory reasons and say Jack Thompson. It is the same censorious moral guardians who try to censor and ban everything. The thing that I hate is that the right wing SJWs and censors lost the battle (which that I like) however the left wing SJWs seem like they have won and have pretty much enacted their woke SJW version of the Hollywood Hayes Code in modern media (which that as well was enacted by sex negative feminists colluding with the religious right). Honestly with the woke cult especially women have to either look like a man, be veiled like a Saudi woman or be completely sexless and repulsive lest they attract the "male gaze" and be objectified. Which you know this is just the Madonna/Whore concept which is the most misogynist concept on the planet and the rationale for things like the Burkha. However if anyone knows the roots of Feminism in the West it was founded by typically Christian Sex Negative usually White Supremacist women who used their power to fight against the Jezebels they didn't want to compete with. Now there were Feminist movements that predated this one and in some cases those women held more rational and reasonable goals and were dealing with far more oppression then those Christian White Women did that sparked the Western Women's movement. The fact that people for instance know Dworkin and McKinnon but not Daughter Sukuma is pathetic.