Does anyone feel Classic is the weakest Season?

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Kerochan no Miko said:
FifthDoctorVenus said:
Excuse me, what makes you think the fillers are stupid and pointless? I personally loved the fillers.
Let's sing a little song called "Not Everyone Likes The Same Things That I Like".

Considering that there's an entire thread discussing whether or not people liked the filler episodes, I'd say opinions are decidedly mixed. And that's okay~!
I guees you're right, Kerochan, it all depends on your personal preferences.

Sub Zippo

Aurorae Lunares
Dec 4, 2003
Detroit, MI.
I think R is much more comparably weaker than Classic. Classic did a great job of introducing characters, developing them, and forming relationships between them. They felt very human while they put together their team and fought evil magical people. R felt much more rushed and slapped-together, going through the motions against villains that lacked clear motivation.


Luna Crescens
Nov 26, 2015
First Season was what made me want to watch Sailor Moon and its later Seasons that felt somewhat repetitive (with a good enough plot twist to keep watching it - apart Super S which was the worse season to me)

It invested screen time on the inners, which are the characters that matter. They acted like real soldiers, they were useful, they were strong and protected Moon. It was both very hillirious and somewhat serious at times, it was balanced. Let's not forget the ending, best ending of all seasons.