Does anyone here think the inner guardians and outers hang out together offscreen?

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Jan 18, 2011
I mean by the early 5th season Usagi considered them all to be her friends, the guardians seemed to hang out alot in the musicals and in the last act of the manga they are all bridesmaids (I think) at Usagi's wedding. Does that mean that all the guardians including Chibiusa would hang out together?


Solaris Luna
Jul 6, 2018
They somehow did in the manga, as the Dreams flash backs suggested. It didn't make much sense as they had no time at all doing it, considering the events taking place immediately after their identity reveal. So I hope the upcoming movies fix that making the interactions in a form of dreams or visions rather than flashbacks.


Luna Crescens
Jan 2, 2010
Well, in the SuperS special, which takes place at the beginning of the season, Usagi was like "I wonder what Haruka and Michiru are up to?" hinting that she has no idea where they've been. But in the films they hang out and in the stars finale we see pics of them all together, so I would say the only time they didn't hang out would be when the outers disappeared for a bit in SuperS.


Luna Crescens
Nov 13, 2018
:group hug: In my imagination...

They do spend time together (attending festivals, fireworks, cultural events, car racing, musical recitals, ...) but not as much as the inners spend by themselves doing everyday stuff like watching movies and eating chocolate-cream sundaes. This is largely due to the age gap and their differing interests.
Chibi & Hotaru (sometimes also with Pluto) spend a lot of time together.
Usagi, Minako & Rei spend a load of time together, generally trying to upstage one another in the silliest of ways.
Ami and Mako hang out a lot doing the quiet and thoughtful things that don't come naturally to the other 3.
Chibi and Usagi spend a huge amount of time together.
And of course Haruka and Mich spend an absurdly huge amount of time together too.
Haruka is still not allowed near Usagi (or anyone really) by herself or Michiru loses the plot which can lead to a lot less... holding hands.
Aug 1, 2009
I’m sure they do. Hell, some of my favorite art works are of them in civilian clothing doing random things together. It’s like a glimpse at an episode we’ll never see, they’re living their lives off camera.