Doushite Minna Sailor Moon Suki desu ka?

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Dec 2, 2019
Hi everyone,

Ogenki desu ka? Mou daijoubu desu ka?

Watashi atarashi sailor. And my name is Usagi Tsukino desu. I want to be a frie d with qll; so for my first thread here, then I decided to ask the sailor moon anime fans about doushite minnasan kono anime aishite desu ka? Why do you love this anime?

For me, it is the best. The story is so cute. The girls are like me who are dream to be the best. I always dream of beijg q sqilor like them who can save the world. Have a wings like angels and phoenix. Benijg an ojousama, iie princess like tsukino usagi. Have friends, hug them, been naked with them, swim with them take shower wih them, go to onsen with them with wearing suitswim and bikini that sweet such as Mars, such as Mercury wuch as the best venus. All of Sailors are me. They are the best. So for sure, then I will love the sailor moon anime.

So what about the sailor moon fans minnasan?