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Sep 30, 2003
Original FAQ by preben was pruned, this is a modified back-up copy

General Information:

When does PGSM air?
PGSM is Live Action Sailor Moon in this text.
PGSM airs 07.30 am (GMT+09:00) on Saturdays in Japan.

PGSM Related Sites:
Other pages with clips, profiles and storyboards of the show:
Living the Sailor Dream (RobMaxwell's PGSM cast page) - Profiles of the actresses and pictures of them. - A number of clips and songs.
Serecindra's Sailor Moon Live - A long storyboard of every episode, a lot of pictures, and other multimedia.
pgsm_liveclips Yahoo Group - A lot of clips of the show.
Juuban District - Obsessive Touga Fan's page: attacks, items, synopsis etc. and an anime/manga comparison.
::Sailor Dream:: - Sailorjupiter244's page: Illustrated episode guide, profiles, manga information, buying guide, etc.
~New Moon Guardians~ - QueenNepy's site, has pictures, profiles, and other show information.
Moonlight Fortune Sakuya's site, has reviews, comparisons, and other information.
Shingetsu Nae's site, has translations, articles, information, etc. Chibi_Seiya's site, has lots of magazine scans, and lots of great downloads.

Official pages:
Toei's Flty Me to the Sailormoon
Sailormoon Channel

Bittorrent Help:

What is BitTorrent and how do I use it?
BitTorrent is a program that uses a technology called "swarming" files and that means that when you download a file using BitTorrent you download simultaneously from the other users that are also currently downloading the file. And at the same time they are downloading from you. The BitTorrent introduction guide explains this very clearly.

To use BitTorrent you simply have to install it from the BitTorrent download page. When you click on a torrent link/file BitTorrent pops up and asks you where you want to save the file. When you have selected where to save the file the download of the file begins. The .torrent file is only a tracker to the real file.

If you have a file that's partially downloaded just select the same file when you continue downloading and it will automatically resume the download.

Where can I find the episodes of PGSM?
There are a number of group that are subbing PGSM and also a number of raw sources.
These are some of the groups that are subbing or have subbed PGSM.

#Tv-Nihon @ irc://
Note: They also have the "Making of" documentary.
Torrent page:
Note: TV-N encodes are 230mb AVI (640x480)

#r-f @
(This is really a joint project of 29 different groups)
Note: Their subs are not completely serious they have a little "tentacle humor" in them.
Note: Have stopped subbing PGSM.
They don't have their own torrent files page (or homepage) but they seem to be using:

Can be found on the channels #pgsm and #solarmiracle
(Note: usually around 250 MB AVIs (624x464)

Saiyaman supplies a raw version:
#saiyaman @ Irc.Rizon.Net
Torrent page:
Note: Saiyaman encodes are usually 180mb AVIs (640x480)

JapanDog2 supplies a raw version:
#solarmiracle @
#pgsm @
JapanDog also available via Bittorrent posted at:
Note: JapanDog encodes are either 280mb MPGs (352x240) or 440mb AVIs (640x480)

Endymion_Love supplies a high quality raw version:
#solarmiracle @
#pgsm @
Endymion_Love version also available via Bittorrent posted at:
Note: Endymion_Love encodes are around 300 mb and 640x480.

BitTorrent links (animesuki) to all the subs released.

The raw is usually up as soon as Saturday the same day the episode is aired and the Tv-nihon sub is released around Thursday.

For People With Slow Connections:
You can find WMV files from Sailor Scouts UK (Click on "Nuku News" at the very top of the page, and follow the link.) These files are only around 35 MB each. (240x180, 48kbps sound). They can be played using Windows Media Player, and are a great alternative for people with slower connections.

Which episodes are available for download?
Saiyaman: Act 1-32 RAW
JapanDog2: Acts 1-9, 11-32 RAW + Making of Documentary
Endymion_Love: Acts 1-32 Raw
Tv-Nihon: Act 1-31 Sub + Making Of Documentary
R-F: Act 1,2,3 Sub
#animation: Act 1,2 Sub + Making of Documentary
CVME: Act 1,2,3,4 + Making of Documentary
Sailor Scouts UK: Act 1-32 Raw

Other BitTorrent clients and BitTorrent FAQs
BitTorrent clients:
Pros and cons of different BitTorrent clients
BitTorrent Experimental Client
Personal Torrent Collector (PTC)
The Shadow Experimental BitTorrent Client
ABC [Yet Another BitTorrent Client]
BitTorrent Macintosh

BitTorrent FAQs:
Official FAQ
Brian's BitTorrent FAQ and Guide.
Brian's BitTorrent FAQ and Guide (Mirror 1)
Brian's BitTorrent FAQ and Guide (Mirror 2)
Brian's BitTorrent FAQ and Guide (Extra Part 1 Mirror)
Brian's BitTorrent FAQ and Guide (Extra Part 2 Mirror)
BitTorrent Headquarters
Router Port Forwarding FAQ
Tweaking your system to get the most out of BitTorrent (Many tips if you have a Firewall)
For users of MSN broadband

Playing the Episodes:

What do I need to play the episode after I have downloaded it?
First check to see if the episode is really downloaded because BitTorrent allocates the entire file on you hard drive even though it hasn't finished downloading. So even if the file size says 170mb you might only have gotten 27mb. The latest version of BitTorrent doesn't work this way instead it allocates room on you hard drive while the file is downloading. So download the latest version it's got many improvements. The latest version is from 2003-09-24. If you suspect the entire file hasn't been downloaded try resuming (just select the same file when it asks you where to save) the download and wait until it says 100% done.

You need the DivX codec to play the episodes and you can get it here:
DivX homepage (click on "Standard DivX Codec(FREE)")
Mac version

You also need the the XviD codec:
There is no official XviD download, page there are only pages where different people have compiled XviD from the source code:

There's also a third codec called 3ivX that you should download if you still can't view a certain file.

You can also try VideoLan if you have a mac and can't get the files to work.

If you still have problems with your codecs use this utility to determine what codecs you need to play a particular file. It can also list what codecs you have installed and show you other things that may cause trouble with the playing of the file.

Other questions
My avi files open in the wrong program.
Sakuya said:
Right-click the AVI file and see if there is an option called "open with". If there is, select that. Then in that window that comes up, near the bottom, there should be a checkbox where it says something like "open all AVI files using this program". Then select your program. I would choose Windows Media Player (or mplayer2.exe). Make sure you have the codecs!

If that doesn't work, you have to manually open a player and select the AVI file to play it. The best player for me is the classic Windows Media Player. All computers under Windows has it. Click "Start" and then "Run". Type in: mplayer2.exe

Press open and it should come up. Then go to "File" and "Open" and select your AVI file. If only the audio plays or the video is green, then that probably means you don't have the right codec. For that, I would refer to the Downloading Help sticky thread. :)

[Edited by sailorjupiter244 on 5/24/04 to add new information]
Sep 30, 2003
IRC Downloading of the Episodes:

IRC (Internet Relay Chat) is a chat program that allows you to download files directly from other users or upload them directly to other users.

Download Program:
In order to use IRC you must install a program on your computer.
The most popular IRC program for Windows is mIRC (shareware) which can be downloaded from
Another program for IRC is Xchat available from
For Linux, you can use IRCII from

If you would like to serve files (upload files to other people) then you should download the SYSRESET program from (which also includes a version of mIRC)


Once you have downloaded an IRC program, you can then access channels (chat rooms).

The following are several channels and servers that have PGSM episodes available:

Downloads of almost all available versions:
#solarmiracle on and #pgsm on

Download TV-N's subs:
server: KosaNet ( at channel #tv-nihon

Download Saiyaman's Raw episodes:
server: RizonNet ( at chanel #saiyaman

Download the Parody subs:
server: enterthegame ( at channel #r-f

Once you have joined a channel just type "!list" (without quotation marks) into the channel and you will see a list of the available downloads.

More Help:
If you still need help, you can ask people in the rooms; they are usually happy to help newbies. You can also PM me. ^_^ You can find some help at the following websites:

I have made an IRC Guide here:
IRC Guide

For more help with IRC, visit this Yahoo Group:

For a picture guide for setting up mIRC go here:
Sailor Scouts UK
Sep 30, 2003
Other Downloading Tips:

Macavity said:
A few things:

WinMX is also a source for some high quality files.

Sysreset is also good for people who don't want to serve as it has a GUI for accessing filserves--one doesn't have to type out the commands, just point-and-click.

mrploddy said:
To get stuff on WinMX, you will need to type in the Kanji directly either Bishoujo senshi or the Katakana for Sailor Moon. They you have the fun of getting queued for stuff which can mean a reasnoable amount of time waiting.

There are some good 624x464 encodes, you're looking at around the 238,000,000 mark for those. Ignore anything that you see which is below 190,000,00 as the quality of the encode will not be good.

NOTE on the subs:
TV-Nihon does not drop any show, unless they post it on their website. Just because an episode is not released right away doesn't mean it won't be released at all. Subbed episodes are not released on a set schedule. They are released when TV-Nihon is able to finish them. They have many different projects, so please do not bug them about the episodes. To find out if a subbed episode is available, you can check in the New Episodes thread here. Or you can go to the TV-Nihon website. If you visit their IRC channel, read the rules first. You will be kicked out if you violate those rules.

Please ask any questions in this thread: Downloading Issues & Help. This topic is only for FAQ posts. Any off-topic posts will be deleted. Thank you.
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