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May 7, 2009
Princess Venus said:
Anyways, here's Sailor Rose Moon... The Fusion of Rose and Sailor Moon.
Maybe she's transformed jointly from both Rose & Usagi, like Ultraman Ace being transformed from a male & a female TAC (an anti-monster special force) members? lol

Neo King Rose

Usagi's Rose
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Sep 13, 2008
in my aesthetic
my latest creation has a collection of villains in my fan fic

the redhead on top is my main big bad - Usha who is part of chaos and pretty much had a silent hand in getting everything in SM
started in my story her goal is to collect 4 specific sailor crystals - The Silver Crystal - The Crimson Rose Crystal - The Golden Crystal and the Black Shadow Crystal by using other big bads to get what she wants

the other is Chaos/Galaxia herself no explanation needed

the Hotaru looking one is Sorceress Damia [she did not start out evil] who was manipulated by Usha in the past to throw a black crystal into the sun which lead to the events that awoke Metalia who then got to Beryl etc

The only Male in here is Valorc who was mad with power and wanted to control the magic dragon of Azlor island in the 2nd timeline
[ a timeline where the dark kingdom nor the senshi were awaken ]

the Short haired redhead with glasses next to Valorc is Kousanagi Sato she's Valorcs equivalent to Kaorinite

the 2 red heads with wings in the far left and far right in skimpy outfits are Star Demons basically youma types I won't go into full detail since that involves H section but basically they are equivalent to succubi

the last 4 in the bottom are the Star Witches they also work for valorc

the one in blue is Lorna she's forgetful and clumsy but powerful

the redhead in glasses is Flora she gets redeemed later on

the one winged redhead is Flora's sister Nia

the sisters weren't evil in fact the two came from a tribe on Azlor island [located between Hawaii and japan ] they have a special power needed to summon the dragon of azlor but energy from the victims the star demons take is needed to perform the ritual to summon it
Flora worked for Valorc to keep Nia from harm Valorc ran his operation under the guise of an all girls academy and Nia was just a student it wasn't until Azlor was summoned later that she became dark just for temporary as she would be saved

the green haired one is Caula who is the strongest of the star witches

secretly Damia was the mastermind behind Valorc

Seira Hazuki

Aurorae Lunares
Jan 17, 2007

I was playing around with the Senshi Maker and I came up with these cute designs that I thought I'd share. Their names are Chocola Sailor Moon (Left) and Vanilla Sailor Moon (Right). The idea behind them is if Sailor Moon went the Precure route and focused on different Sailor Guardians in an alternate universe each season. Their season would be sweets-themed.

Seira Hazuki

Aurorae Lunares
Jan 17, 2007
This is a design I made for Usagi's next form after Eternal, and in my headcanon, her last form as Sailor Moon (before becoming Sailor Cosmos thousands of years later).

Her name is Sailor Moon CL (セーラームーンCL).

I've seen a lot of fanmade designs that acted as a halfway point between [Eternal] Sailor Moon and Sailor Cosmos, but I've never fully liked them because they were either way too busy, or looked too much like Usagi in a simplified version of Sailor Cosmos' uniform. I wanted something that kind of mixed elements of Sailor Moon, Neo Queen Serenity and Sailor Cosmos, and tbh I'm very satisfied with what I came up with. I'm enjoying how the military feel of the gold epaulettes contrasts with the angelic whiteness of her dress.

In my personal headcanon (which I guess you could say is how I would view a sixth arc of the manga), due to Chibiusa's (and Sailor Cosmos') presence in the past, Usagi's timeline diverges significantly from the one we see in the 30th Century. Usagi and Mamoru ascend the throne, but they are referred to as Queen Usagi Serenity and King Mamoru Endymion. Princess Small Lady Chibiusa is born, but she ages normally.

Moreover, I think Usagi, unlike Neo Queen Serenity and Sailor Cosmos, won't lose confidence the same way and will only become more powerful. Despite ascending the throne, she won't lose her powers as Sailor Moon and will instead transform into Sailor Moon CL by shouting out Moon Cosmic Eternal Power, Make Up. In this form, she is geared more towards resolving conflicts, especially ones that arise within the galaxy. But she can also fight when needed. She wields an upgraded version of Neo Queen Serenity's Heart Moon Rod, known as the Miracle Heart Rod which she uses to perform Moon Miraculous Mediation.

Sorry for the wall of text, but I actually put a lot of thought into this one. ^_^'

Thank you!
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