Eternal Inspired design

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Lumen Cinereum
Jul 22, 2009
Since there has been alot of hype about people doing their own redesigns of Eternal Sailor Moon I thought I would join the fray. However since I actually like the Eternal Sailor Moon design I did something a bit different. Basically I did a form after Eternal for Sailor Moon that was inspired by many other forms namely her Eternal form, Princess Sailor form from PGSM and Fukano Moon. Basically for Sailor Senshi the order of their forms is the have a First form, Super form, Eternal form, Princess Sailor form and an Infinite form. This is my design for Sailor Moon's Infinite form. Which would be Sailor Moon's final form as Sailor Moon before she becomes Neo Queen Serenity and loses her powers but of course later gains the power to be Sailor Cosmos.

Infinite Sailor Moon and Luna