Evil Twin Sailor Senshi

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Sep 6, 2014
Anyone else surprised outside of, I think, some video game the anime never really did evil twin Sailor Senshi? Oh sure we had the Animates in Sailor Stars and the Akayashi Sisters sort of came close in concept to the evil twins trope. But given how popular this trope was was with Super Sentai (and by extension Power Rangers) I’m surprised Toei never went there and did a filler arc with evil twin Sailor Senshi
Jun 30, 2010
To be fair, towards the end of SuperS with the Inners confronting their reflections seemed like it was going to lead to this...but it didn't.

Either way, this is one cliche I'm glad the old anime avoided. Evil Twins are awful contrivances I've seen too much of in soap operas. It was bad enough this cliche was in the Petite Étrangère musical? Unless you did some work to flesh out the twins, like having the doubles come from an altermate dimension and showing where the points of divergences were, then it wouldn't be worth creating a clone.

I'd much rather the girls themselves had turned evil in the old anime instead of fighting evil clones.

Seira Hazuki

Lumen Cinereum
Jan 17, 2007
The Oppositio Senshi had great designs, an incredibly solid M.O. (changing destiny is a neat and interesting aim for a series that operates on it being inevitable) and it was fun seeing them interact with their counterparts throughout the game. Sin’s backstory in particular is fascinating with her losing her parents being somewhat analogous to the tragedy Usagi experienced as Serenity. Her scenes with Shingo were also a highlight.

The only thing that felt incredibly contrived was how all five Oppositio senshi looked exactly like their counterparts with zero reason of why that should be the case. But I feel like that can be said for most of the sub-villain groups in the manga.
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