Favorite Obscure Characters

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Luna Crescens
Oct 26, 2014
Phobos and Deimos. I always thought they were better guardians than the cats since they could actually help out in a fight. Also Kotono and her supernatural club. If they ever do another reboot i want her to be Lois Lane type of character: always getting in trouble while investigating something weird. And Mars can be her Superman :smug:
Jul 5, 2009

I wonder how she would look like as a phage.


Luna Nova
Jan 21, 2017
Minako's friend from volleyball team (asai) gotta admit it's my favorite ep from S and he seemed like a cool guy

also rei's cousin in Stars

Purple Kitti

Lapis Lunaris
Jan 23, 2017
reverend gin and tonic-- YES!!! i am really curious about him.

also usagi's non-naru friends (yumiko and kuri?)

idk i kinda liked the baby doll monster that hotaru mind-blasted in super.

does vega from countdown to the tanabata count? no? ah well, i still really like her.

the boy in chibi-usa's class who kinda antagonizes her (i know he's more 'minor' character than obscure, oh well)

naruru and ruruna (see note above)

i failed.
Mar 8, 2012
I would say Vega, Naruru, and Ruruna count since I don't think the side stories are that well-known, so their characters can be considered relatively obscure. :)

Tuf Pic

Lapis Lunaris
Sep 19, 2007
Motoki Furuhata & Fiore, (although not sure if the last example counts)!! :love: :cookie:


Lumen Cinereum
Jul 22, 2009
One of my personal favorite minor characters was Yoshiki Usui and his boyfriend. I really enjoyed their characters and their story. I even made in my fanfiction Yoshiki to be Hina Kusaka's best friend she grew up around who designs her clothes.
Mar 8, 2012
Another minor character I like is this member of the Juban Junior High Gardening Club from Act 31:

I wish we knew his name and got to see more of him. He could have made a good love interest for Mako since Naoko basically forgot all about Asanuma anyway.

Also, though we never see him, I've always been a bit curious about Motoki and Unazuki's uncle who owns the arcade and fruit parlor. Would have been nice to see him at least once.
Mar 8, 2012
Prince Diamond is not an obscure character. This thread is for your favorite obscure characters, not your favorite characters in general.

Neon Genesis

Luna Crescens
Oct 31, 2015
I liked Rei's school friend, Kotono, who appeared briefly in the Black Moon arc of the manga and Crystal. It was nice knowing Rei had at least one friend outside of the Sailor Guardians and I wish their friendship had been explored more. I wonder if the Kotono in the manga was named after Kotono Mitsuishi?
Mar 8, 2012
I recently went through the Dream arc of the manga and came up with some more obscure characters that intrigued me:

The Dead Moon Circus Clowns

Unsurprisingly, the Dream arc is full of clowns and clown imagery. We see clowns on the Dead Moon Circus's posters and flyers, we see them advertising the circus around downtown Tokyo, we see them out and about the circus's fairgrounds. Many of these are random, generic clowns, but when the Dead Moon Circus first flies out of the eclipse in their magical galleon in Act 39, we see this rather eclectic group of unique, detailed clowns: a Bozo the Clown, a masked woman, a freaky jester, a beruffled pierrot, a big lipped woman with an unusual hat, and a monkey in a suit. These bizarre characters are our first glimpse at this arc's villains; they're the first Lemures/Dead Moon Circus members we see, and I think they're fascinating, in part because they don't make a one-off appearance.

As you can see, a clown resembling our Bozo wannabe can be seen busking outside the circus tent. The unicycle-riding acrobat behind CereCere is wearing a headdress that closely resembles the hat worn by Big Lips. And in Act 47, as the Dead Moon Circus goes back into its galleon and shrinks, Naoko features them once again:

Note that she doesn't just reuse the panel art from Act 39; these are brand new drawings of the exact same characters (though the masked lady seems to have been replaced with a different clown, and Mr. Monkey and Big Lips seem to have gotten mini-me duplicates, possibly ventriloquist dummies?), so they can't just be some random, one-off group of evil clowns, right? As with "Reverend Gin and Tonic" in Stars, the level of detail and uniqueness in these clowns' designs, in addition to the repetition of their appearance, suggests to me that at some point Naoko perhaps had bigger plans for these characters. Perhaps they were going to be the antagonists after the Amazon Trio were defeated, but Naoko changed her mind and came up with Xenotime and Zeolite instead. Who knows. I just want to know more about these clowns. I want to know their names, their personalities, their powers. They're far more interesting to me than Xeno and Zeo, and many of the Lemures from the anime. I wish SuperS had featured these guys instead, and I hope they'll appear in Crystal.

(I also would have loved for Vesta's elephant to have been turned into the fourth member of the Amazon Trio Quartet. Is 'Elephant's Eye' a gemstone, by any chance? :lol: )


Luna Crescens
Apr 1, 2017
You want characters more obscure than victims of the day? I guess that rules out my top picks of Princess Dia (from the Diamond Kingdom in episode 22), Minami the baby Mamoru and Usagi babysat in R, and Kamoi the starving artist from SuperS.

But how about these guys, the Army from Earth in episode 44 of the '90s anime:

Said by Prince Endymion to be jealous of the longevity of Silver Milennium's people and somehow brainwashed by Beryl, they follow her (through space in a big cloud of cyan dust- somehow I doubt this is a travel method they normally possess, and perhaps they used this method to arrive sooner than Endymion anticipated?) and thus played a part in destroying the Moon Kingdom (though given the exploding lightning from the spooky abyss in the sky it seems Queen Metallia handled the main bombardment of the proceedings directly).

Their collar and chest armor design seems similar to Prince Endymion's on close inspection, and the shields match those held by the Shitennou in one of the other scenes. Also, I like to think the gold shields are gold as a form of heraldry for the Golden Kingdom, rather than simply a coincidence (since the Golden Kingdom probably been been named as such yet, even in the manga).

Also, their swords glow like lightsabers, and one of them has a groovy mustache.

The scope of their guilt is in question as Prince Endymion claims they were brainwashed, so much like their leaders the Shitennou, while they may have had ill ill or tensions towards Silver Millennium of their own, the severity of the war may be much harsher than what they'd have been willing to do in their right minds, perhaps. That makes them tragic figures in their own right, I think, becoming nothing more than expended pawns in Beryl and Metallia's war (leaving the Shitennou to be the Knights/Bishops/Rooks, I suppose. Now I want a Silver Millenium vs. Dark Kingdom chess set...).