Favorite season of original anime

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Favorite season of the 90s anime

  • Classic

    Votes: 15 27.3%
  • R

    Votes: 7 12.7%
  • S

    Votes: 25 45.5%
  • SuperS

    Votes: 2 3.6%
  • Stars

    Votes: 6 10.9%

  • Total voters
Nov 15, 2017
1. S : Quite a matured season of Sailor Moon, and the story seems to be more focusing on Hotaru, which is really nice. And the Outers led the Sailor Moon series more matured. Plus, Chibiusa wasn't so annoying like R. And the last third episode was quite touching and sad to me.
2. Super S=Classic : SuperS has a lot of vibrant colors and lovely art design ( Moon Gorgeous Meditation and Pegasus Forest) and Diana (extremely cute) and Chibiusa became more matured and brave, compared to R. And I know many doesn't like about Chibiusa being a main character in this series, but because she became more adult-like, it's forgivable.
About classic, it actually shows what Sailor Moon is supposed to be. Also the classic has more realistic personalities for Inners.
3. R : It was hard to rank this, because Artemis has appeared in this season a lot (What can I say? He's my favorite Sailor Moon character of all time) and it was the only the season which Neo Queen Serenity appears, but Chibiusa was extremely a nasty brat, compared to Manga. And Minako's personality has changed like Usagi too much, which is a bad change.
4 : Stars : First of all, the lovely art design of Super S changed into rags. And I was so mad about not using Holy Moon Calice for transformation, and use a giant dildo article, and Eternal Sailor Moon's Fuku looks weird and too childish compared to graceful Super Sailor Moon, and of course, the Eternal Tier looks more like a flute, compared to other pretty rods and sticks she used.
And this season has too much focus on Starlights, which makes Sailor Moon not a main character of the season. Also this has ruined the Outer senshi. Sailor Saturn's beautiful diamond brooch turned into typical heart, and she hasn't appeared much in the season compared to S, and the episode when she was killed by Uranus and Neptune made her very annoying. Even Haruka and Michiru doesn't have adult style like S.
Sep 6, 2014
Oh yeah, what about the movies? Pesonally, the only one I found any good was the R movie. And I mean, I found it to be REALLY GOOD. As in it's both one of my all-time favorite theatrically-released superhero films and animated films.
I'm due for a rewatch had all 3 on VHS as a kid and watched them all pretty frequently.

The S movie was probably my favorite because of the winter setting and the villain was cool (no pun intended)


Luna Crescens
Apr 1, 2017
  1. Classic / Season 1 (everything about it, my only regret is the shortened Shitennou backstory compared to the manga.)
  2. R / Season 2 (Ali, En, Chibi-Usa's story, Saphir, and I like the premise of Crystal Tokyo even if I've got lots of unanswered questions. Plus the season 1 followup in the Makaiju arc is top-notch stuff, character development wise.)
  3. S / Season 3 (Professor Tomoe!!! And the Outers. Eudial and Mimete were good too. Did I mention Professor Tomoe?)
  4. Stars / Season 5 (The Animamates, Nehelennia's story, a couple amazing scenes near the end like the wrong rose and the finale Outers episodes. The Starlights and Galaxia are okay too. Wish it had gotten to use more manga concepts, or at least the Quartet. Also, the new intro song is amazing! You know, Mitsuko Horie- Galaxia- did a version of it for an anniversary a while back.)
  5. SuperS / Season 4 (I still like it, the Quartet are pretty cool and the Trio got cool at the last minute, plus there were fun moments like the Diana intro episode or the double date. Weakest season due to pacing/formula and character development problems, but it's not bad.)
Season 1 goes on a shiny golden pedestal powered by harvesting human energy and chocolate parfaits, surrounded by ice carvings of the inner senshi, on top of a wide golden platter of shrimp, though.
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May 18, 2016
Mine would be a tie between Classic and S, in fact, a lot of S's episodes are so well written they feel less like filler and like actual story advancing episodes, but I do like R too. Then Stars, and SuperS at the bottom.
Likes: Mitsukara
May 1, 2015
I really don't have a favorite season. I hate having to say this but, I actually find the original anime to be completely overhyped, in my opinion. I'll list the my reasons as to why I think the 90's anime is overhyped. I like the art overall, however, I much prefer the manga's details of the Sailors Soldiers' base forms (ex: padless Mercury) I think the anime staff could have used filler similarly to the way it was used in the live action.

I don't think I will sit through all 200 episodes! I simply don't have the patience do to so. I can't find within myself the enjoy the original 90's anime simply because of the length.

I am entitled to my opinion of the "old" anime, though I try to respect other people's opinions.
Likes: Mitsukara


Luna Crescens
Apr 1, 2017
Yeah, everyone has their own preferences, nothing wrong with that. :) And it is a bit too long for it's own good, I'll definitely give you that. I always wished they did like some other anime and made condensed miniseries versions cut together from the more story-advancing parts, so that I had something less unwieldy to point people to. That's why I wanted to make a pared-down important episode list a while back.

As for why I love the '90s anime so much, it's because of all the character development we get for villains, side characters, and the inner senshi. Episodes like 23 and 24 (the end of the Nephrite arc) or 26, for example, are just wonderful stories unique to this version. I feel like making so many of the villains sympathetic also lends more weight to the conflict, that you don't really want to see either side be destroyed, and it's more meaningful and sad if the villains die if they had more of a heart to some of their actions. It gets me thinking about ethics and kept me guessing about where the story would go. There's also a lot of really funny episodes, like the Rhett Butler one, or the Nurse Minako one; plus I really enjoy what the Makaiju storyline brought in.

A while back I made a spoiler-filled image montage of unique moments (and a spoiler comparison about what happens to Nephrite in the two versions) I loved from the anime version, if you might be interested and don't care about spoilers. Of course, they're kind of missing context, but still enough to evoke what happened I think.

But I do wish there was a more succinct version to highlight those great moments, instead of drowning them out with non-story one-off episodes. I also wish it had included a lot of the backstory elements and other manga-unique plot points... I just want to get a bunch of crazy glue and stick the manga and the '90s anime together XD
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Sep 6, 2014
R, even though Classic is great, too

I just love the Makaiju arc.
While it’s not my favorite arc I did enjoy the anime exclusive attacks for the Guardian Soldiers (their proper attacks in the Black Moon portion were a let down in comparison sans Mercury) Usagi trying to win Mamoru’s memory back and him being aloof toward her but not cruel is a lot better than being a dick to her in Classic and Black Moon R

And I still love that the DiC dub fixes some of the more contrived aspects of the arc simply by tying Alan and Ann to the Negaverse


Lapis Lunaris
Feb 22, 2019
Sailor moon classic will always be the best one and the one that I would want to rewatch the most, because of the senshis meeting, Usagi & Mamoru fights, I also love the dynamics between Usagi, rei and Ami in the first part of the season plus Usagi is in the beginning a scared girl that will take responsability as the classic season progress and will become fabulous at the end against Beryl. This is Usagi's progression that I love the most. And I love to see Usagi with Umino&Naru at school, it's something that won't happen much in the other seasons. I'm quite nostalgic about that. I miss some characters that were in Classic that won't be in the other seasons.
Likes: Mitsukara
Jun 30, 2010
While it’s not my favorite arc I did enjoy the anime exclusive attacks for the Guardian Soldiers (their proper attacks in the Black Moon portion were a let down in comparison sans Mercury) Usagi trying to win Mamoru’s memory back and him being aloof toward her but not cruel is a lot better than being a dick to her in Classic and Black Moon R

And I still love that the DiC dub fixes some of the more contrived aspects of the arc simply by tying Alan and Ann to the Negaverse
All of this I agree with.

I especially agree that the anime-exclusive attacks were a lot more impressive than their upgraded attacks, and I also admit with that from the conclusion of the Makaiju arc onward, R does falter somewhat. Classic is more consistent in quality.

I guess for me, though, that despite some failures of R, the Makaiju arc encapsulates everything I love about Sailor Moon. Romantic tension and a true love square. Friendship. The power of both love and determination and having someone to protect. The conflict between wanting to be a hero and wanting a normal life. Villains who are sympathetic who also have that conflict. Bad guys who are able to be redeemed instead of unceremoniously vanquished.

For me, my two favorite arcs in the entirety of the show are filler arcs -- the Rainbow Crystals arc and the Makaiju arc. I genuinely love filler Sailor Moon more than plot progression.

Plus, the end of R (without the clips show) really is the best way to cap off the series, even if there are a few lingering questions. It starts off a girl who was unknowingly a princess, and it's shown her destiny is to become a queen. Everything else in between is just character flavor, unless the later seasons show how that transition happens...and they do not.
Apr 9, 2019
S! S is just amazing to me :) Sailor Moon at its finest! I love the dark, apocalyptic, philosophical story. I love Uranus, Neptune and Saturn. I love the music, the art, and Kunihiko Ikuhuara's amazing direction. It's the one season that keeps me on the edge of my seat and that I can watch over and over again without getting bored :) Such an amazing, emotional rollercoaster ride of a finale, too :)

Stars is my second favorite. I love that it has the Outers again, and the story was pretty cool, too. Good ending to the series :)

Classic is up there as well. I actually really love this season, I'd almost place it above Stars but Stars slightly edges it out just because it has the Outers. I love the sweet simplicity and innocence of the storyline, and the Inner Senshi get a lot of good development in this season. There's also a lot of great humor and memorable episodes, the writing was very fresh and it was just an entertaining season overall.

SuperS is near the bottom of my list... I like Fish Eye and Nehelenia, and I love the surreal, dream-like story and atmosphere. The arc episodes are pretty amazing as well. The problem with SuperS is that the plot is just too poorly paced. It goes for too long without any important plot development and has too many filler episodes -- and the biggest thing is it's not even GOOD filler -- it's stupid, boring filler. I would probably like this season more if it had stayed closer to the Dream arc of the manga. I'm also not a big Chibiusa fan, although she was a little better in this season than previous ones.

R is my least favorite season. The Makaiju arc is ok, a lot of people hate on it because it's filler but I actually enjoy it. It's actually the Black Moon Arc that I don't particularly care for. Chibiusa is extremely annoying in this season, she's like an extremely grating, selfish brat that is impossible to like. I also HATE the break-up arc with a passion -- it's just pointless, contrived drama that serves no purpose other than to make you hurt for Usagi and make Mamoru seem like a dick. The villains were cool and the future storyline was ok, and overall it was still entertaining to watch, but compared to other seasons I just didn't like it as much.
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