Ficlet (In Which Chibiusa Forgets When She Is)

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Lumen Cinererum
Nov 19, 2020
Chibiusa yawned. The battle was draining, but Mimi Honoru had been vanquished. She had reverted back to the pretty dress she was wearing and leaning into the folds of Usagi's skirt. It was soft. The ruffles of the dress gently tickled and caressed the child's cheek. She leaned closer into it while holding Usagi's hand, her other hand firmly in Mamoru's grasp. The two people she loved most. Usagi had worn perfume. Her long strands of hair tickled her nose, relaxed her. That perfume...Chibiusa knew that scent. It brought back to mind cuddling at bedtime or sitting in her mother's lap while music played, while they were at some performance or other at court and Mommy had told her if she could be good she'd get ice cream.

"Mommy, I was good, can I have ice cream?" She blinked the second she said it, it'd just come out, the dress, the music, the air of grace and elegance the young princess had known all her life, the scent of Mommy's perfume, Mommy and Daddy holding her hands...the habitual words of nine centuries had slipped out.

A scarlet blush spread over her face. When she heard Mina coo as if Chibiusa was the cutest thing in the world, the blushing reached her ears and she wanted to hide her face because she wasn't home, she wasn't holding her mother's hand and she had just blurted that out as if she were home when she wasn't.

She felt a hand on her head. "Ice cream sounds great." Usagi smiled down at her.

"O...okay, M-Usagi."

She did want ice cream, after all and she had been good and that was hard for her, she'd nearly wandered away to explore the big university hall. She liked to explore.

Usagi took her hand in hers. "You can call me that if you want when we're alone." It was said in a whisper, a concession to a childish whim.

Chibiusa bit down a suddenly trembling lip. They were younger, yes, but Usagi-for all her clumsy crybaby ways-suddenly seemed a lot like Mommy, the kind and gentle tone to her voice. Mamoru, smiling down at her, looked a lot like Daddy.

And Chibiusa suddenly felt less homesick.