Find that forgotten fanfic

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Lapis Lunaris
Nov 27, 2010
I need help, guys!

I came across an unfinished Sailor Moon/Samurai Troopers (Ronin Warriors) fic once a couple of years back, and I can't, for the life of me, remember that title.

The fic goes something like this: The Samurai Troopers visit the Azabu-Juuban district (due to some reason) and meet the Inner Senshi who were battling either the Death Busters or the Dead Moon Circus. After seeing just how dysfunctional the Senshi are, Seiji advises the girls to kick :usagi:out of the Senshi Team and instate :mako:as Leader; and the girls do just that. After that, things just escalates from there, with the other girls unlocking even more powerful attacks than in cannon; even :ami:improves in hand-to-hand combat. With :usagi:, she confronts the girls with ::tuxspeedmask:, :luna: and :artemis: to try and get back her Senshi leader role, only to be summarily beaten down by :ami: of all people.

I think the last chapter I read was :usagi:confronting the Troopers (untransformed) and demands Seiji to love her. And of course ::tuxspeedmask:going :wtf:.

And no, there are no pairings between the Troopers and the Senshi.

I think one of Rei's lines in regards to the Senshi's roles to (Princess) Serenity is this: We're all princesses. She's no better just because she's Serenity's daughter and gets toys to do what she can't.

P.S: Moderators, we need a separate section for this kind of 'Find a forgotten fanfic' thing.
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