Have any of you seen the Abridged series?

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Sep 24, 2008
If you want to read KrisRix's quote here it is:

Anonymous asked: looking back on SMA do you feel bad that you guys made extremely problematic jokes that aren't funny anymore? or do you look at it with fond memories?
Not sure if this is supposed to be a genuine question out of curiosity, or if you’re trying to bait me, but rest assured: I definitely cringe, break out into a cold sweat, and have a quiet panic attack whenever anyone brings it up, or even when it comes to mind. The latter of which is fairly often.
Given our ages, the way we perceived comedy at the time, our own coping with things, and the way the internet in general was, I think what we did was worthwhile to us and many others. I can’t tell you how many people told us we helped them get through some [BLEEP]. So I don’t know if I would be so extreme as to say that I wouldn’t do it again if I could go back in time. But if I could do it differently? Helllll yeah.
It’s a time capsule piece, which has some merit in its own right, but I’d be happy if no one could ever lay eyes on it again. Knowing the way it would be perceived by viewers today… it crushes me. My funny bone is broken, and I don’t think it will recover. As much as I am still interested in comedy, I probably can’t do it again now, given how haunted I am, 8^)
Jun 21, 2010
I remember thinking SMA was the most hilarious thing ever and showed a couple episodes to my college's anime club, but looking back, its humor is very...2000s internet humor. :lol:

You know what I mean? The kind of humor where every other joke is a gay or "tranny" joke.

But it was pretty funny when it wasn't so in-your-face with the "LOL SERENA'S BULIMIC LITA'S A TRANNY LOL" shtick.

Neon Genesis

Luna Crescens
Oct 31, 2015
In fairness to SMA, if you go back and rewatch Yugioh Abridged, it also has a lot of those kind of dated jokes too and LittleKuriboh even apologized recently for them on his Twitter recently.