Honestly season 3 was not that different.

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Aug 16, 2014
Me re-watching the season 3 .It really is not that different from season 1 and 2.There was a bit difference between.As in 3 is a bit more comical.They having extra episode help the pace.As for animation.Why the season does have a bit more fluid animation.
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I actually rewatched it recently and I sneakingly showed a casual cartoon watcher the seasons for comparison. While I don't like their Doritos skirts, and some time bubblicious hair, they have some very well done animation for scenes. Venus Wink Chain Sword and Coconut Cyclone have pretty much startup animation.

I think the comedy helped Sailor Moon in certain parts when it was needed.

I'm not watching Season III tho until we get an announcement that Dream.is on the way so I can start my premier build up.

Crystal Moon

Luna Crescens
Jul 11, 2013
The similarity between season III and I-II varies from person to person, and it changes through episodes. Although I thought is was somehow similar with season I-II when looking to the advertisements of notebooks, most of the animators couldn't retain that similarity.
I think I can accept the differences, because I have already witnessed the huge upgrades and downgrades in many mangas.