How did you get into Sailor Moon?

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Lumen Cinereum
Aug 16, 2014
Well I got into sailor moon, via dic dub. I was 13 at the time,and just discover anime. And at that time I was obsess with magica girl shows,and due to the fact I hater reading subs. I watch the dic dub of Sailor moon,which I like. Than I saw some of the sub version,and than I bought some of the manga. I instantly fell in love with the manga,the story. The characters,than I saw PGSm. Well that 's how I became a moonie. And now I love Sailor Moon,and all its glory.So that's my story,so how did you get in to Sailor Moon ?

Neon Genesis

Lumen Cinereum
Oct 31, 2015
On USA Network, they used to have a two hour block of cartoons on weekday mornings. I used to watch it when I was a kid and during one summer, they started showing Sailor Moon. It looked interesting and nothing else interesting was on, so I started watching it. At the time, I thought it was the weirdest thing I had seen. Why was there this girl with magic pigtails, why is there a talking cat, why did she look like a sailor? These were all questions I had going through my head and I found I just kept watching it every day. I started taping it when school started and then I looked it up online and found out it was a thing called anime and I found all about Japanese animation, and all the changes made to the DiC dub, and I started finding all the Geocities Sailor Moon sites I could, and that was how I discovered Sailor Moon.


Lapis Lunaris
Jan 19, 2016
In the USA
Started getting into Sailor Moon when it was on Cartoon Network (Toonami). I caught it at the right time and was able to see the whole DIC/Cloverway versions from beginning to the end of Sailor Moon S. Knowing I was literally missing something in translation, I went out and purchased the uncut subs and I've been a fan ever since.


Lapis Lunaris
Dec 18, 2014
I was like 4, my best friend (who is still my best friend) was showing me her Irwin dolls of Sailor Moon and Jupiter, I thought they looked really awesome. Next time I went to the library I saw the Sailor Moon DiC dub VCRs for rent and I got really excited and grabbed them. Couldn't stop watching them and was ecstatic when I found out they were on TV too. I was obsessed with it for a couple of years, but then it kinda died off (horrible of me, I know) until back in 2012 there were announcements of a new Sailor Moon anime, and I was like "what? Sailor Moon! I remember that!" and fell back in love again :lol:

Neo King Rose

Usagi's Rose
Staff member
Site Admin
Sep 13, 2008
in my aesthetic
In 1995 when I was 9, I happen to catch it one morning when the dic dub was on syndication on channel WB11
It was Jadeite's last episode

Plus it was my first anime and it was love at first sight especially with Usagi/Serena
Spoiler: show
within the next few months I discovered other anime but Sm was always my number one anime

I spent the next year watching it on that channel until they took it off

In 1997 found it on the USA network and even recorded the first episode on there, still have the tape to this day

A year later in 1998 it moved again to cartoon network toonami and my sm obsession sky rocketed because of the lost episodes aka the rest of the R season was finally complete as before the dub only showed the series from ep 1 to chibiusa discovering the senshi identity then back to 1 the next day
This time they continued and even had a marathon oh man I was ecstatic

In 1999 Sm came on in the mornings again on wb11 so I got to see it twice a day once before school and right when I came home on toonami P-:

In 2000 S and SuperS cloverway dub aired and I remember enjoying it and laughing at the
Slang they used :lol:

2001 a few episodes of S aired briefly on Wb11 for a week
Got my vhs of the S movie dub (the actual vhs version the others I got from toonami on vhs )

2002 they showed classic on cartoon network for the last time recorded it and that's the last time sm aired on tv in America as far as I know

In 2003 December I saw sm in Japanese for the first time in the form of pgsm the available episodes at that time

In 2004 got classic subbed via dvd

2005 had an emulated version of sailor moon another story on psp

2006 got sailor stars and R subbed on dvd and my copy has the dino ep thanks to my cousin who also liked sm since the dub

In 2007 got to finish pgsm

2008 read the manga had mixed feelings about it and also joined this wonderful place

2009 S and SuperS subbed and saw some of the musicals online

Nowadays I want to get my hands on the new 90s series dub, as for Crystal not really into it so enjoy it if you like but eh it's not my cup of tea

Over the years my love for sm has grown (especially the 90s version and recently gained a new found respect for the manga )

I can't believe it, it's been 20 years
20 years of sm, anime and being in love with Usagi P-: :love:
Aug 30, 2010
With Sousuke Sagara
Well, I was in 8th grade and I saw my friend making sailor moon valentines. I asked her about sailor moon and I was immediately hooked on it after she lent me tapes of the movies and of the SuperS finale. Eventually I found this forum found out about the subbed version, I watched that in 2011 along with the dub and PGSM.

Neon Genesis

Lumen Cinereum
Oct 31, 2015
Isn't it strange how it seems like in almost every Sailor Moon fan's story about how they came came to love Sailor Moon, it's usually always either they came across it by sheer accident or someone introduced it to them?


Lapis Lunaris
May 13, 2015
Well, I was 4 or 5 years old at the time and started watching it when it was broadcasting on Toonami. Absolutely fell in love with the wands and compacts and the transformation scenes of both Sailor Moon and the Inner Senshi. I was a fan on and off for a few years until last year when my obsession sort of restarted. At first I was too scared to renounce my obsession with Sailor Moon because I didn't want to be horrible judged (since I was like 19 at the time) but now I'm kind of happy that I restarted my obsession because it lead me to this site and lead me to meeting new and awesome people who love Sailor Moon as much as me lol


Luna Crescens
Sep 10, 2012
The Void
I can almost remember it almost perfectly. I was at a family friend's house in the summer. I didn't want to swim in their pool, so I stayed inside and watched TV. I turned it to Toonami, and I saw these super heroes who's names were named after the planets. The episode was "An Unnatural Phenomena" and, being interested in astronomy at the time, was more curious to see these heroes. After watching enough episodes, I began to be hooked on the series.

I also liked the different color schemes of the Sailor Scouts outfits (Mercury-blue, Mars-red, Jupiter-green etc); a factor that drew me to Power Ranger, which drew me to Super Sentai.


Lapis Lunaris
Dec 4, 2009
At the age of 5, Wiseman literally freaked me out lol ^_^'
I think I was flipping random channels at the same time :ninja:
It was in English dub btw :) Now I'm going to rewatch the old eps. again :D


Staff member
Site Admin
Jan 3, 2006
Neon Genesis said:
Isn't it strange how it seems like in almost every Sailor Moon fan's story about how they came came to love Sailor Moon, it's usually always either they came across it by sheer accident or someone introduced it to them?
You can't look specifically for something you don't know exists, so either you find it by an accident or somebody tells you about it. I don't think there are any other options. P-:


Lapis Lunaris
Feb 13, 2012
On my computer
I've seen it around when I was a kid, mostly at friend's houses and stuff. I remember my friend had a cute Sailor Mars doll, and I wanted to know who she was, and she shown me a video tape of a few Sailor Moon episodes, but it was hard for me to watch at home since I didn't have cable and couldn't watch it on Cartoon Network or nothing. I got into it mostly when I was 14 and remembered the name of the show (I forgotten what the show's name is, -_-) and I looked it up, but the year was like 2009, in what I nickname the "Sailor Moon dead zone" (all the videos, DVDs and mangas in English were out of print, I couldn't watch the series uncut, and I had to dig to find episodes dubbed or not, all the cool Sailor Moon stuff from the 90's like the dolls were expensive, it was a disaster!) I was so happy when the "dead zone" ended with the manga being reprinted/retranslated, and a few years later when the series got redubbed and the new Crystal anime. Now it doesn't feel like Sailor Moon is some forbidden fruit!


Lapis Lunaris
Jul 15, 2010
Watched it on Cartoon Network back in the day, I think late 1998? I remember it was around that time because they premiered the 17 lost episodes of R during that run, so I was pretty lucky that I never had to deal with that episode 65 cliffhanger like earlier people of before. :oh:
May 20, 2014
Home, PA
My mom and my sister loved Sailor Moon back in the day, I even remember them getting excited for the lost episodes, but I was never into anime as a kid(I used to refer to Toonami as “the time when nothing is on”). I didn’t give Sailor Moon a chance until I saw the Nostalgia Critic’s review of Sailor Moon. Even though I knew nothing about the series, I thought he was unnecessarily harsh on the series. So I wondered, was the show really that bad? Even though it was the Dic dub that I started with, I quickly fell in love with the series. Eventually I’d rewatch the show in Japanese so I could see the final season, Sailor Stars. After watching the series, I couldn’t help but think it’s a shame that there hasn’t been a redub of Sailor Moon, allowing English speaking audiences a chance to watch the missing episodes and the final season. A few months later Viz announced its plans to redub the series. I guess I picked the right time to become a Sailor Moon fan, huh?

Although I no longer watch the Nostalgia Critic, it’s gotten too obnoxious for me, I have to thank the man for introducing me to one of my favorite shows. A show that is not creepy or formulaic like he said it was.


Lapis Lunaris
Jun 20, 2005
Kutztown, PA USA
It was 1996 and I was 19 years old. I was flicking through the channels and stumbled upon DIC dub of Sailormoon. It was right when Serena transformed into Sailormoon. I thought her transformation was really awesome, so I researched the show and started watching religiously.

This was back in 1996. The internet was fairly new to most of us and little to no Sailormoon merchandise was available in stores.

crazy times. :)
Jun 1, 2012
I watched Sailor Moon back in the day when it was aired on Cartoon Network via Toonami in 1998. I also watched it on UPN44, before it becomes CW44.

Mamo Two-Face

Lapis Lunaris
Feb 12, 2012
I kind of was too young when it originally aired, so I watched it because I had heard of its reputation as a great and fun anime when I was 16 in 2010. And so I became a fan. :)


Lapis Lunaris
Feb 25, 2016
Washington state
Was only a mere kid when it first aired stateside, but it wasn't until 2000 when I became a fan of the anime when it aired on Toonami (at that time, the S eps were aired).