How Should the Manga Be Adapted Next?

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Onuzim Ima

Luna Crescens
Aug 11, 2010
@DREWdesu Usagi/Serenity accuses Mamoru/Endymion of Cheating on her with Setsuna or any of the other girls. Biiiig Drama as she's currently preagnant with the Small Brat Lady... :)

Has anyone of you seen this Episode of "Warehouse 13" that had the Characters actually beamed into a Telenovela, complete with cheesy Spanish dialogues - Subtitled for Gringo's (In)Convenience - and even cheesier clothes & Hairstyles?


Lumen Cinereum
Jul 29, 2012
That would be amazing. Wonder what the melodrama would be?!

Usagi and Naru are classmates and best friends. They are about to turn 15 and are excited about their joint quinceañera party. The party will introduce them to society as women.

Mamoru and Jadeite are best friends and are both attracted to Usagi. Jadeite tries to seduce Usagi, but she rejects him because she is in love with Mamoru. Jadeite attempts to kiss Usagi and Mamoru sees it. Mamoru realizes that he and his best friend are in love with the same girl. He becomes convinced that Usagi and Jadeite are in love and decides to leave town.

At the same time, Usagi's brother Nephrite starts dating Naru. Naru's love for Nephrite is intense. Naru becomes pregnant from Nephrite —and is abandoned by him. Naru's parents feel horrified. Naru thinks she will become a single mother, but her parents eventually decide to help her raise her baby.

Finally, during the quinceañera party, Usagi and Naru realize that the passage to womanhood was not quite what they expected.

Adapted from telenovela "Quinceañera" (1987)