How would you improve SuperS?

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Apr 9, 2019
Pace the plot better and include the Outers.

My issue with SuperS' was that its plot was just horribly paced. Too much filler with no plot development until the end of the season, and it's not even good filler. If it had been more evenly paced like the other seasons, where there's some filler with plot advancements here and there, it would have been a more solid season.

I actually really like the story and the surreal, dream-like atmosphere of SuperS, I just don't like how it was executed.
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Luna Nova
Apr 18, 2019
I don't think SuperS is as bad as others think it is, but it's definitely my least favorite season as well. It had some gem episodes, such the one where Minako starts dating two guys for example (a classic), but the pacing, as others said, really brought the season down. The Amazon Trio plotline went on too long and a lot of the filler was bad filler. I don't mind filler episodes if they bring some fun character interactions, interesting one-off characters, or memorable moments to the fray, but the ones in SuperS were too...samey and not memorable for the most part. Personally, I can deal with ChibiUsa in doses, but there was a bit too much of focus on her here as well. Still, like I said, there's some fun hidden gems that season, just not as many in other it followed up S, my personal favorite.

Neo King Rose

Usagi's Rose
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Sep 13, 2008
in my aesthetic
adapt the manga

short of that:

-add outers
-have the Stars Nehelenia arc be the real ending in SuperS [with a few changes so that Galaxia stays in Stars]
-not be so silly all the time
-more focus on chiba [odd for me to say LOL ] let him hold the golden crystal but let chibiusa be the dream mirror Helios resides in
-give all the senshi equal focus especially when it's an ep about a specific senshi [no Venus and Jupiter episode share to upgrade one ep each]

maybe have each battle with the enemy take place in the victim of the day's dream and with Pegasus they can go in and out of the dream
Sep 10, 2012
The Void
more focus on chiba [odd for me to say LOL ] let him hold the golden crystal but let chibiusa be the dream mirror Helios resides in
That could've actually worked well. It gives me another idea of lore that could've been good. That the crystal belongs to Mamoru, but if Helios hid in his dream mirror, the crystal would be active and Mamoru would not know how to use the power while becoming a beacon for the enemy. So to hide it, Helios hid with the dream mirror of the only person who the crystal would accept while concealing its power: Mamoru's future daughter, Chibiusa.